Monday, February 14, 2011

Those Kidz Again!

Anyone remember this?

It's a book I made using My Digital Studio (MDS) showing The Kidz when they were tiny babies. Weren't they cute??? (not that I'm the least bit prejudiced - hee hee)

Well, this is one PAGE of the book I made...

Stampin' Up! has released a whole catalog of the images that are available for download for use with MDS, and as I looked at the catalog (and realized how many of them I DON'T have), I was inspired to use MDS again.

I do a family calendar each year for my brother and two nephews (and families). And of course, I keep one for myself!

This year, in addition to the hand-made calendars I'll send them, I'm playing around with the new 6-1/2 x 5-1/2 size of calendar that was just released - and I'm LOVIN' how EASY it is to use this product!

I already knew that, but playing with it again reinforced that.

You can use the .jpg images in ANY software that will accommodate .jpgs. But MDS is SO EASY to use, and so inexpensive ($79.95), why wouldn't you just purchase this product and then add the newer images as you can afford to?

And the downloads are very inexpensive! They range anywhere from $.95 (!) to around $9.95, depending upon how many images are contained within the download.

The software comes with a TON of images, so if you never wanted to add to it, you'd be good to go for a long time.

The book for The Kidz used some of the images that were already set up.

All I had to do was drag and drop the photos into the picture boxes, add some journaling, and I was done!

But of course, I couldn't stop there. I added some additional images, which are included in the program for which we DON'T EVEN HAVE STAMPS!

How's THAT for a deal? Pretty hot, is what I'd say!

Here's another page from their book:

I started with square boxes for all the photos and was able to make some of them circles with the click of a button! On this page, I also added the background paper, many of which are contained in the original software, others which are available to be downloaded.

And we mustn't forget Ms. Velvet... This page is from a book I started playing with, but which I've never sent off to be made up. One of these days, I will though!

If you're interested in My Digital Studio, be sure to check out the website that has been set up strictly for you and MDS! You can post questions, photos, projects - whatever you'd like there.

And for those of you who use MACs - it works REALLY well on them, too (I'm a MAC person, so that was a REALLY important feature to me).

And when you're ready to purchase it, please go to my website to do so!

Remember to select me as your demonstrator to get preferred pricing!

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