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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nixie's Fotos

I have a virtual friend (hey, girlfriend) I've met thru Farm Town. We chat for hours (and harvest each other's farms while doing that) and we know a lot about each other - but we've never met in person.

I hope we can remedy that one of these days!

A while back, I asked her to send me some of her favorite photos, and I proceeded to turn them into a litte scrap book for her.

It's made with -- are you ready? -- toilet tissue rolls!

I've made these and posted photos before, but it's been probably a year since I last did any.

Nixie loved it! And, as I'd hoped, it's small enough for her to carry it in her purse...

Wanna see?

Here's the outside of it.

It has 4 t.p. rolls total. I print my photos out 2" x 3" and they fit perfectly in this project.

And when it was done, I tied a zillion pieces of ribbon to the ring that binds it all together. You know - all those tails you have left over after you make a bow or decorate a card.

I also put front and back covers made from card stock, to protect the photos a little more - plus it gives me two more surfaces to decorate!

Here are a few more photos of her scrapbook...

Here's Nixie with her grandson.

And here's another of her grandson by himself. He was definitely looking up at something, so I added a bee to the page for him to look at.

And these are the fronts of the four inserts for the "pages". There are four additional photos on the other sides, as well.

It's a fun little scrapbook to make and fill.

Would YOU like to make one? Give me a call and let's set up a private lesson for you! It takes about 2 hours to make, without the photos...


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Thanks for stopping by...

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