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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ain't She Sweet?

This little girl (I'm on a little girl kick these days, aren't I?) is from "Greeting Card Kids".

Besides the Valentine image, there are also Christmas, Halloween, and back to school images - all with this Betty Boop type girl.

Ain't she sweet?

She was stamped on watercolor paper with Staz-On ink, so that I could color her outfit using the Watercolor Crayons.

I goofed and stamped her too close to the edge to get a full circle, using the 2-3/8 circle punch.

So... I just mounted her flush to the left side and it looks like I did it on purpose! Think about these types of "fixes" when something like that happens to you.

I've heard and seen a lot of you just pitch an image, already CLOSE to being "done", but which isn't perfect for the project you're currently working on.

Fix yourself a little box or area for all these things. Call it whatever you want - scraps (but they're not truly scraps, are they?), or Found Objects, or Leftovers, or whatever works for you. And then, every once in a while, go thru it and see what you can salvage for your current project.

Here's another card I made with the same little girl.

This time I used the 5 petal punch and the large scallop punch. I also used the Springtime Vintage DSP on both cards, as well as seam binding.

Notice I used opposite colors for CS and seam binding - was playing around to see if they really worked either way, and they DO - because they match the colors used in the DSP.

I've taken to writing the colors of CS used in the DSPs on the front cover of the DSP package with a Sharpie.

This saves me from having to run to the catalog each time to assure myself of the colors that were used.

This will also help long term, because I generally keep my DSPs after they've been discontinued - and now I don't have to try to find the catalog or mini that contained the DSP to look this up!

Notice I ruffled the seam binding on both cards. It's SO EASY to do that!

Just run a strip of Sticky Strip where you want the ruffle to be, and start sticking the ribbon down every 1/8" or so, remembering to pull some up to create the ruffle.

This works great, because if you get it uneven, it's easy to pull it off the sticky strip and rework it.

And I love the ruffles. I think I like the green seam binding ruffle better than the red one. It's a little more casual. The red one is pretty rigid looking.

Thanks for stopping by - come back again soon!


  1. Sam,
    Those cards are so cute! I really miss coming to your place stamping and learning new things. Do you still have things like 10-10-10? Is your garage finished?
    Take care,

  2. Linda:
    Thanks! Garage is NOT finished, but is in working condition! I'm not sure it will ever be "finished" - LOL.

    Come over and stamp with me!

    And thanks for the Comment!