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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Calendar 2010 - 1 month done!

I know, I know - it's awfully late to be making calendars!

But it's become a family tradition for our family's calendars to run from February to February (and even March one year!) -- for several reasons.

The first reason is that it's like pulling teeth to get the photos to put ON the calendars! I start asking in October, and, IF I'M LUCKY, I'll get some by Christmas...

The second reason is that by the time I GET the pix, I'm either buried in Christmas stuff, or I'm on my way to Leadership in early January...

So, our calendars run from February to February. And, that's OK! Our 6 x 6 calendars are set up so you can make them for a year, starting in any month (Whew - Stampin' Up! must have known about my family and me, huh?! LOL).

The photo above is my first pass at this page. Before I can even start laying out the calendars, I have to cull photos (when I DO get the photos I have many to choose from!).

After I've selected photos, then I adhere them to the 6x6 DSP I've chosen to match them.

Next, I add some embellishments, remembering that I still have to add the journaling.

And after I've tacked these down, I add the journaling that will tell us all years from now why that photo was important.

I'll admit, scrapbooking isn't one of my passions. I only have those furry Kidz, and after they've passed the kitten stage, they can get pretty boring.

But I do enjoy scrapping the family photos on these calendars. It gives me a chance to really study them and sort of keep up to date with what's happening with them. They all live in the Midwest, and I'm on the West Coast, so we don't see each other very often.

I still have 4 copies of 11 more months to go, so I guess I should get busy! I'll share more of them as I get them closer to being finished.

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