Friday, July 31, 2009

Is It Too Early

...for some Halloween ideas?

I just got the new Fancy Favor box Big Shot die, and of course I HAD to play with it! I also got the Cast A Spell DSP, so, naturally, I paired the two. Here are the results of my proto-type:

And then I found a cute pattern for some Halloween treat boxes on Jan Tink's blog, so of course I had to try those as well...

I have individual photos of each of them, but what I DIDN'T have was some candy corn to put into these to show you their true nature!

And then, of course, I got the candy corn, and realized I didn't have any of the small cello bags, which will fit PERFECTLY once filled with a few candy corns.

So, the finished product photos will have to wait til I get (or, more likely, FIND, cause I can't believe I'd be out of them!) some of those cello bags. A treat for later, OK?

The other night Smudge found some kind of a red worm in one of the planters, and stole it away. She and Smedley played with that danged worm for about 10 minutes.

I FINALLY remembered I have a video option on my camera and took about three minutes worth of video. I tried to upload it here, but it was taking too long. Sooooo, I'll have to dig into this video uploading opportunity and, hopefully, show it to you another time...

In the meantime, while The Kidz were chasing the worm, Velvet was sitting peacefully on the chair beside me, watching their antics...

Yes, I see it's a little fuzzy - but, then, so is she! LOL!

I might be MIA for quite a while - I've finally got what I need to pull together my swap cards for the Shoe Box Swap at Convention. I have to bring 25 for others to put together, AND bring 25 along that have already been prepared... Got the 25 for others done, so now MY work starts - building the other 25.

I'd really like to have some additional swap cards to share at large, but the Shoe Box swap comes first. As one of my downline said earlier today, anything else is gravy!

Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday I notice the Kidz chasing SOMETHING around in the back yard. So, I took my camera with me and went and checked it out. Took a while, since Smudge had taken it behind a planter.

Smedley wanted to play too, but Smudge's very selfish with her catches. He can LOOK, but he's not allowed to play - until she's done...

Turns out it's one of my old foes, a grasshopper... They love my plants, and I don't like them because of that.

The Kidz really put that 'hopper thru it's paces. Think it finally gave up, cause they just sat there, looking quite beautiful!

And then, here's what I found, just a little later...

What a vicious looking animal!

Yea, he's just yawning - but doesn't he look ferocious?

And this evening, I looked over, and here's Smudge, sleeping with her head on the rim of the adobe pot she loves so much. Silly Girl! I'll bet she sat there like that for about 10 minutes. Of course, as soon as I turned on the camera and starting snapping, she woke up!

I went thru my Sample Basket tonight, since I'm working on swaps and some Halloween items, but nothing's really ready to show you.

I thought I'd show you some ideas from the last year. The stamp sets are still current, but the CS colors might not be... IDEAS come in lots of colors!

I'll have some more to show you tomorrow - just in case I don't get those I've been working on done...


Need it? Leave me a comment with an email address, and I'll contact you!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I've been MIA

Sorry about that. It's been so danged hot I haven't actually been doing much of anything that I can show you just yet.

Yes, I HAVE finally come up with my swap for the Shoe Box swap at Convention.

No, I'm not going to show it to you just yet...

But I may have a couple of other things I can show you...

I finally got my Cottage Wall DSP, and, just as I thought, it sparked my imagination again! WHEW! Was beginning to worry I'd totally lost my mojo!

Here's the first card I made with it. Contemplated using this one for the Shoe Box swap, but decided against it.

No, this one won't do, either.

Sorry! That's all the sneak peeks I'm going to give you tonight...

And I also forgot to show you the swaps from my Team Meeting earlier this week.

Can't show you Del's cause we ate them - she brought us tomatoes from her garden. They were yummy!

But here are Natalie's and Terri's:

A friend called me the other day and we decided we needed to get together for lunch, so we did that today. Great to see you, Robin!

And while we were eating, she said she'd been wanting to go to one of the casinos and her roommate doesn't really like to do that - would I be interested in going tonight? Well, I sat there contemplating the idea and it hit me there really wasn't any reason I COULDN'T go. So, I said yes, and we went.

Friday night's not the best time to go to the Indian casinos around here. Very busy and crowded. And this particular casino has an awesome buffet, so people will stand in line for hours just to eat there...

We didn't do the buffet - we gambled while the rest of the people stood in line to eat. Not too crowded when we got there around 6:30 PM - but as the night went on, it got very crowded - and noisy.

We left around 10 - it was starting to thin out a little... I only donated about $25 tonight - and had a great time while spending it!

I have casino software installed on my computer - and I do a whiz-bang job playing with PLAY money - I've got $65,000+ on that game... Too bad it's not real money, huh? LOL

My errant child tonight is Smudge. She's discovered SOMETHING at the back fence, and every time I've gone out to try and drag her into the house, she's moved further back behind the tree, where she KNOWS I can't reach her.

When Robin and I got back, both Velvet and Melie were in the house, but Smudge is just not interested in coming in. And I'm going to go to bed shortly, so she MAY spend the night outside. She's never done that before, and it makes me nervous to let her, but I need my beauty sleep!

Speaking of beauties, I got a great photo of Velvet yesterday...

She doesn't really like to get her picture taken, so she generally hides when she sees me taking the camera out.

And I caught Smudge on the top of the sun shade yesterday - she kept back from the edge, so it's not a great shot, but at least I have pictorial documentation that she's been up there!

Later, I caught her out by the fence - think my neighbor was working in his yard, cause she sat there for the longest time, looking quite interested - there wasn't much noise that I could hear, but I guess she could!

Well, that's it from me for tonight. I'm going to break my own "don't go to bed before 2 AM" rule and hit the hay!

Have an AWESOME weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Cards for the Troops

Had my Team Meeting tonight and I "billed" it as a Service Project night. I think this is the first time I've ever had a Service Project night, even though I used to be the Lead for the Ronald McDonald House here in San Diego. I could have been doing this for them - but, I hadn't thought of it then, so I'll just keep it in mind for future Team Meetings.

As usual, we got so busy gabbing, I forgot to take photos, but thanks to Natalie, Del, and Terri for being here and helping! It was much appreciated!

We concentrated on Holiday cards and were able to get about 50 totally ready to go before I ran out of regular and tranlucent envelopes. But, never fear, I have more of both on order and hopefully will get that order later this week. It won't take much time at all to finish these and get them ready to mail to From Our Hearts.

Speaking of From Our Hearts, I just wanted you to know they DO appreciate these cards! Here's what they've posted on their blog about the cards sent from here:

Monday, June 08, 2009
Then come the packages. Between UPS and USPS, there is always something at the front door waiting to be opened. Recently, we received this big box from Sam in California, packed to the hilt with beautiful cards just waiting to be chosen by one of our lucky troops. Thank you so much, Sam !

Friday, July 10, 2009
Then we heard from Sam S California, AGAIN ! ! ! More ready to go cards, YES ! ! ! This has been a great week . . . love that note on the outside of the box, shouting our mission thru the Postal System.

So, in case you think the cards they receive aren't appreciated and turned right around and sent to some troops, think again!

One of my customers ( Hi Bern!) just asked me on Saturday about her sending cards on her own - I told her "go for it!" and gave her the "rules" and the mailing address that I've been given. And tonight, one of my Team Members (Hi Sandy!) who wasn't able to make the meeting asked me for the same information.

So, let me put it here, as well:

Here are the (preferred) rules:
  • NO GLITTER! (this is a real rule – no deviations for this one)
  • Add an envelope to each card
  • Package the card + envelope into one of our clear translucent envelopes and seal it shut. This keeps them clean while they’re being sorted in various and sundry places.
  • Add a note inside the box with your name and email address, plus a count of how many cards you’re sending. It might be a good idea to tell them what types of cards you’ve sent, too (i.e. Generic thank you, thinking of you, etc. vs. Holiday cards. Or, sort them and give them an idea of how many of which variety you’ve sent).
  • Email Susan Kubira to tell her the box is on it’s way @
I've decided I'll use the Priority shipping cartons the Post Office provides for free. For $10.95, you can stuff in more than 100 packaged cards. Be SURE everything is packed in there tightly - things shift during transport. If you can't fill the box with cards, use paper (newspaper would work fine, if you have some) and pack everything very tightly.

The Priority boxes take 2-3 days to get to Missouri, then allow another day or two for them to open boxes, count the cards, etc. And then start looking at their blog - they'll post that they received your cards. The link to their blog is on the left side of mine.

That's why they want your name/address - so they can give you credit for what you've done for the Troops!

Right now they're in great need for Holiday cards - got any you want to get rid of? Back them (if they're card fronts only) and get them to me, if you'd like, OR, mail them directly to From Our Hearts. Please be sure to follow their guidelines - it'll make their job SO much easier!

And, TIA for whatever you can contribute!

Can't finish without some photos of the Kidz!

Have a great Stampin' Day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's WARM!

We had our first Stamp Club meeting for this year today.

And it was hot out in Sam's Garage! The fan didn't seem to help much - no cool air to draw in, since the garage faces East and it was 10 AM... But everyone stuck it out!

They got to make their new "In" color charts and contrast charts. I posted them a while back.

And then they got to make the Tri Fold card I posted after the Hostess Appreciation party last weekend.

Oh, and everyone got their original catalog replaced with a comb bound one, which pleased them no end! Such a simple thing - why didn't I think of it before this year?

The garage is cleaner! Lookie!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!!?

Look at all that room!

OK, you say - where's all the "STUFF" that used to be in this garage?

Well, truth be told, it's all outside by the corner of the garage...

Waiting for me to do something with it soon. It'll soon be time for a garage sale, cause I NEED all the room that I see now!

But I was finally able to get the stuff off the top shelves so I can start manipulating the new units around to see how I want it to be.

And those boxes were put up in the rafters - probably never to be seen again!

It's the Victorian doll house I started over 22 years ago - and then I got a real house, and never had time to do anything on the doll house...

I did get lots done on the doll house before the real one came along - got the walls put together -- got them painted or wallpapered. Got to the part about wiring it for electricity and chickened out - put all the pieces in the boxes, bought a REAL house, and shuffled the dollhouse off to the garage...

It might be fun to dig it out and finish it now... I keep getting the postcards about the miniature convention up in L.A. It might be interesting to check one out again.

I remember the furniture, etc. was VERY expensive, considering it's build to a 12-1 scale (i.e. the miniatures are one inch for each 12 inches of "real" furniture). But it was all hand-crafted, so naturally would cost more.

Bought a number of furniture kits to put together and actually finished two things - a secretary and Grandfather clock.

I belonged to a club that sent a new hand made miniature item every month. You never knew what you were going to get, so it was always a surprise. I ended up with a mailbox with my street address on it, and a number of other little items to make a doll house a home.

And, I found out while working on those items. how much I love the feel of sanded wood when it's totally smooth, and how I love the color of cherry wood furniture...

At one point I wanted to own a Victorian house. And then I met my friend Ann, who lives in Portland - she has a Victorian house and she's been refinishing it for as long as I've known her! Must be 15 years, anyway - and I realized how much there was I'd have to pay someone else to do, and how I'd want it to be true to life - so needed a lot gingerbread, etc... Lotsa work!

So, painted the stucco tract home using real Victorian colors. Had a blast doing that - had three pink/mauve/plum tones and two green tones on the wooden parts. It came out pretty darned good, if I do say so myself, though... The neighbors, however, if polled, might not agree!

The heat did me in today, so I didn't do much in the garage this evening. I did look thru my catalog, trying to decide what I'm going to do for convention swaps, and I'm still as clueless as I was yesterday!

Have some accessories coming that I'm hoping will generate the "AH" that I need to get me started. I'm really looking forward to the Cottage Wall DSP that just shipped on Friday. I think that'll be what lights the spark!

Here are my Girls...

Smudge, patiently waiting for Smedley to come in from outside.

She can hear him, and probably see him, but she never seems to be able to get him to come to the door and ask to be let it!

And here's Velvet, sitting in her usual place - RIGHT in the middle of the hall runner, so I can trip over her in the dark!

Hope you're having a cool week-end, where ever you are and what ever you're doing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movers & Shapers Big Shot Die

I got this Big Shot die earlier this year when there was only one interior die available - I've played with it quite a bit. But, of course, when we were offered the opportunity to buy the 4 NEWER dies during the Sneak Peak, I jumped on it!

We used this at the Open House, and I gave everyone their own option re: which die to use and which color of cardstock they wanted. After the Open House I cut one using each of the dies, just so I could play with them!

Again, very simple cards, requiring minimal tools, and mostly tone on tone to neutralize the "white" space.

Here are the results!

There are two die cuts missing - that's because I'm still not happy with what I've done with them.

When I'm happy, I'll post them!

This is the sample everyone saw on Sunday. I think I posted it last night, as well.

What I didn't do, however, was take a photo of the INSIDE. The greeting is mounted on the cut out piece, which is mounted on a 2" strip of Razzleberry DSP.

Really adds some pizazz to the inside of the card.

Here's Melie, lounging on the sun shade again tonight...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday after the weekend...

...and I'm still tired! LOL Gettin' too old for back to back partying! Good day, though - met Jay and Mike for coffee, got the car door handle fixed and got a haircut.

Oh and I did TWO loads of laundry, the second of which was empty of dirty clothes because I came in and got on the computer right after starting to fill it, and then I wondered why it didn't sound right... NOTHING IN IT! Hullo - does the washer need a wash once in a while, too???

So earlier today I went out to take down the wash and guess who was up on the sun shade? NOPE - NOT Smedley! This time it was Smudge. Think that's the first time she's been up there. No, I did not have my camera.

I NEED to get my stampin' mojo goin' here. Only 21 days til convention, and I have no clue what I'm going to make for the shoebox swap I'm signed up for. Once I decide, I'll still have to order materials, cut paper, bag and tag everything...

And that's not even counting general swaps! I am very easily bored with making swaps , so I generally make 2 or 3 different ones in quantities of 24-32. Both are divisible by 4, so I can get 4 card fronts out of each 8-1/2 x 11 piece of CS.

Of course, cutting the rest of whatever I'm using generally ISN'T divisible by 4, so I end up making more scraps! Ya can't win, I tell ya!

OH OH OH - before I forget!



Square Fire Rhinestone brads


This deal is available from Monday, July 13, 2009; 10:00 AM (MT) until Monday, July 20, 2009; 9:50 AM (MT).

No mojo so I have nothing new to share in the way of stamped goods. I DO have a couple of cards to share though that I made last week.

The "just for you" card is actually Tangerine Tango, stamped with Dusty Durango, and decorated with Burgundy ribbon. Wanted to show that you CAN mix and match old and new In colors - just choose them wisely.

The "happy birthday" card uses Dusty Durango as the base, with Soft Suede and Crushed Curry as accent colors.

I used the tone on tone effect for both. I really like that look - it's simple, but leaves just enough negative space.

As you may have figured out, I'm a fan of SIMPLE.

I look at some of the cards printed in the card magazines these days, and I just find them SO FUSSY. I like playing with my toys, don't get me wrong - but I think one or two punches, or a few brads per card is just right...

Guess you could say I'm a fan of the "less is more" philosophy.

I actually saw a teen-ager wearing a t-shirt with that on it over the weekend! I'm not sure I bought into that philosophy at that age...

So, not much new with the Katz these days, other than Smudge being on the sun shade. They all DID find something among the patio bricks the other day, though. I never did figure out what it was, but the three of them were fascinated for about a half an hour!

Then Smedley went up on the sun shade again, so I had to snap his handsome face again.

Everyone came in before 8 tonight - think it MAY have had something to do with there being no cookies! They thought they were starving to death. So, I filled the cookie jar and closed the screen door.

Later I found them here:
OF COURSE those are clean clothes!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sleep in the dirty clothes. Only the clean ones are good enough.

Have a great day - no matter what you do!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Feet Hurt!

I know better than to wear sandals when I'm going to be on my feet all day! Did I do that today? Nope. So, my feet hurt - bigtime!

Tomorrow I'll be smarter!

The theme for the Hostess Appreciation party this year was Groovy 60's.

Here's everyone relaxing after we ate. They're cruisin' the catalog. Susan and Del are taking a well-deserved break before they take on the next task of teaching two different projects.

And here's everyone, busily working away at (hopefully)learning something new!

Everyone got either a pink or green bag decorated with daisies made with the daisy Bigz die.

The pink bags were decorated with Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore, and Gable Green. The green bags had daisies made with Pink Passion, Pixie Pink and Pretty in Pink.

Inside the bags were some love beads, some bubbles with 60's images, tattoos, a tie-dyed visor, and a peace sign necklace - just in case they didn't have something from the 60's when they arrived! Several put their tattoos on, most everyone wore their visors.

They also got a name tag, since not everyone knew everyone else.

A couple of the gals wore flowers in their hair. Susan wore her "dew rag", I got a Woodstock t-shirt, Del came as Mrs. America 1960 in her beautiful dress...

And here are Del and Susan - after everyone's left. Just sitting and talking to Linda, who showed up because she thought today was the Open House.

Well, it was, for her - wasn't gonna send her home as long as she'd made the journey!

So we sat and chatted while she made the In color charts... Del's REALLY "into" that history of the 60's that I put out for everyone to look at, if they wanted to. I told her she could borrow it, but I think she scanned the entire thing while she was here today!

And here's Melie, enjoying the fact that the tables are out in the backyard! I'm sure Smudge checked them out, as well, but I never caught her - with or without the camera.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Open House! 1-4 PM