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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm in the process of getting ready for two events this week-end.

The first is my annual Hostess Appreciation party.

I invite all Hostesses who have submitted at least a $150 party during the Stampin' Up! year to come for luncheon, some projects and, hopefully, some fun. Saturday's the day this year...

Here's a little sneak peek:

Can you guess the theme of this year's party?

The other event I'm holding this weekend is my Annual New Catalog Open House - Sunday from 1-4 PM Come one, come all!

Sorry, no sneak peeks on that one just yet...

I came home from running errands this morning and look what I found on the runner in the hall - a present!

A BIG pine cone! It just magically appeared out of nowhere!

I'm just takin' a guess here, but I'm gonna say it was Smudge that brought it in...

And it's as big as her head!

How DOES she haul these things around?

I tried to get a good photo of her this evening so I could post it along with the pine cone, but she wouldn't cooperate.. So I dug up an old one.


I got an email from someone I don't even know (Hi Lynne) who's found my blog thru Understand Blue's blog. She included the cutest .gif file of a cat with flipflops! She had a friend make it up to send to me.

Isn't it cute?! Thank you, Lynne! I love it!

I think it's going to become my sign off signature!

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  1. Hey you did it, good for you. Sure glad you liked it. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne