Friday, July 31, 2009

Is It Too Early

...for some Halloween ideas?

I just got the new Fancy Favor box Big Shot die, and of course I HAD to play with it! I also got the Cast A Spell DSP, so, naturally, I paired the two. Here are the results of my proto-type:

And then I found a cute pattern for some Halloween treat boxes on Jan Tink's blog, so of course I had to try those as well...

I have individual photos of each of them, but what I DIDN'T have was some candy corn to put into these to show you their true nature!

And then, of course, I got the candy corn, and realized I didn't have any of the small cello bags, which will fit PERFECTLY once filled with a few candy corns.

So, the finished product photos will have to wait til I get (or, more likely, FIND, cause I can't believe I'd be out of them!) some of those cello bags. A treat for later, OK?

The other night Smudge found some kind of a red worm in one of the planters, and stole it away. She and Smedley played with that danged worm for about 10 minutes.

I FINALLY remembered I have a video option on my camera and took about three minutes worth of video. I tried to upload it here, but it was taking too long. Sooooo, I'll have to dig into this video uploading opportunity and, hopefully, show it to you another time...

In the meantime, while The Kidz were chasing the worm, Velvet was sitting peacefully on the chair beside me, watching their antics...

Yes, I see it's a little fuzzy - but, then, so is she! LOL!

I might be MIA for quite a while - I've finally got what I need to pull together my swap cards for the Shoe Box Swap at Convention. I have to bring 25 for others to put together, AND bring 25 along that have already been prepared... Got the 25 for others done, so now MY work starts - building the other 25.

I'd really like to have some additional swap cards to share at large, but the Shoe Box swap comes first. As one of my downline said earlier today, anything else is gravy!

Thanks for stopping by...

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