Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Feet Hurt!

I know better than to wear sandals when I'm going to be on my feet all day! Did I do that today? Nope. So, my feet hurt - bigtime!

Tomorrow I'll be smarter!

The theme for the Hostess Appreciation party this year was Groovy 60's.

Here's everyone relaxing after we ate. They're cruisin' the catalog. Susan and Del are taking a well-deserved break before they take on the next task of teaching two different projects.

And here's everyone, busily working away at (hopefully)learning something new!

Everyone got either a pink or green bag decorated with daisies made with the daisy Bigz die.

The pink bags were decorated with Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore, and Gable Green. The green bags had daisies made with Pink Passion, Pixie Pink and Pretty in Pink.

Inside the bags were some love beads, some bubbles with 60's images, tattoos, a tie-dyed visor, and a peace sign necklace - just in case they didn't have something from the 60's when they arrived! Several put their tattoos on, most everyone wore their visors.

They also got a name tag, since not everyone knew everyone else.

A couple of the gals wore flowers in their hair. Susan wore her "dew rag", I got a Woodstock t-shirt, Del came as Mrs. America 1960 in her beautiful dress...

And here are Del and Susan - after everyone's left. Just sitting and talking to Linda, who showed up because she thought today was the Open House.

Well, it was, for her - wasn't gonna send her home as long as she'd made the journey!

So we sat and chatted while she made the In color charts... Del's REALLY "into" that history of the 60's that I put out for everyone to look at, if they wanted to. I told her she could borrow it, but I think she scanned the entire thing while she was here today!

And here's Melie, enjoying the fact that the tables are out in the backyard! I'm sure Smudge checked them out, as well, but I never caught her - with or without the camera.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Open House! 1-4 PM

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  1. Hey Sam, Great photos of the prep & the party. I enjoyed both the prepping for and helping at the party. It was fun! And yes, I did finish browsing through that 60's book...may have to get one of my own tho' LOL