Monday, July 20, 2009

More Cards for the Troops

Had my Team Meeting tonight and I "billed" it as a Service Project night. I think this is the first time I've ever had a Service Project night, even though I used to be the Lead for the Ronald McDonald House here in San Diego. I could have been doing this for them - but, I hadn't thought of it then, so I'll just keep it in mind for future Team Meetings.

As usual, we got so busy gabbing, I forgot to take photos, but thanks to Natalie, Del, and Terri for being here and helping! It was much appreciated!

We concentrated on Holiday cards and were able to get about 50 totally ready to go before I ran out of regular and tranlucent envelopes. But, never fear, I have more of both on order and hopefully will get that order later this week. It won't take much time at all to finish these and get them ready to mail to From Our Hearts.

Speaking of From Our Hearts, I just wanted you to know they DO appreciate these cards! Here's what they've posted on their blog about the cards sent from here:

Monday, June 08, 2009
Then come the packages. Between UPS and USPS, there is always something at the front door waiting to be opened. Recently, we received this big box from Sam in California, packed to the hilt with beautiful cards just waiting to be chosen by one of our lucky troops. Thank you so much, Sam !

Friday, July 10, 2009
Then we heard from Sam S California, AGAIN ! ! ! More ready to go cards, YES ! ! ! This has been a great week . . . love that note on the outside of the box, shouting our mission thru the Postal System.

So, in case you think the cards they receive aren't appreciated and turned right around and sent to some troops, think again!

One of my customers ( Hi Bern!) just asked me on Saturday about her sending cards on her own - I told her "go for it!" and gave her the "rules" and the mailing address that I've been given. And tonight, one of my Team Members (Hi Sandy!) who wasn't able to make the meeting asked me for the same information.

So, let me put it here, as well:

Here are the (preferred) rules:
  • NO GLITTER! (this is a real rule – no deviations for this one)
  • Add an envelope to each card
  • Package the card + envelope into one of our clear translucent envelopes and seal it shut. This keeps them clean while they’re being sorted in various and sundry places.
  • Add a note inside the box with your name and email address, plus a count of how many cards you’re sending. It might be a good idea to tell them what types of cards you’ve sent, too (i.e. Generic thank you, thinking of you, etc. vs. Holiday cards. Or, sort them and give them an idea of how many of which variety you’ve sent).
  • Email Susan Kubira to tell her the box is on it’s way @
I've decided I'll use the Priority shipping cartons the Post Office provides for free. For $10.95, you can stuff in more than 100 packaged cards. Be SURE everything is packed in there tightly - things shift during transport. If you can't fill the box with cards, use paper (newspaper would work fine, if you have some) and pack everything very tightly.

The Priority boxes take 2-3 days to get to Missouri, then allow another day or two for them to open boxes, count the cards, etc. And then start looking at their blog - they'll post that they received your cards. The link to their blog is on the left side of mine.

That's why they want your name/address - so they can give you credit for what you've done for the Troops!

Right now they're in great need for Holiday cards - got any you want to get rid of? Back them (if they're card fronts only) and get them to me, if you'd like, OR, mail them directly to From Our Hearts. Please be sure to follow their guidelines - it'll make their job SO much easier!

And, TIA for whatever you can contribute!

Can't finish without some photos of the Kidz!

Have a great Stampin' Day!

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