Friday, July 3, 2009

The Dam Broke!


There's activity in the house! And in the garage!

This dam that's kept me from DOING ANYTHING has finally broken I think! Thank heavens!

Today I went to Home Depot and bought two new toilets, some new light fixtures for the kitchen, and the light bulbs for them. I also priced a new kitchen fan and a new faucet for the sink. Will go back and get them tomorrow.

I found someone I trust who can fix things for me! WOO HOO!

A friend's husband will doing the honors. I'm so grateful!

While he was here today looking at "The Job", he fixed a light switch in the hallway that hasn't worked in years! I CAN SEE!!

And a couple of friends have volunteered to help me move big things off the shelving units in the garage on Sunday - that's kinda where I'm stuck out there right now.

So, I stood out in the garage tonight, trying to figure out where to put these big things, envisioning how to configure the shelving units I already have and HOW IN THE WORLD am I gonna get it all on these shelves?

Well, the truth is, I ain't...

Some things are going to have to go. Either up in the rafters in the garage (which means I need to reconfigure THAT area!), or to other people, or to the trash.

I'm not good at this throwing away stuff task.

My parents were children of the Depression, and it was pounded into me that everything can be re-used or re-cycled! So it really goes against my grain...

Oh Lord... Three piles: Keep, Donate, Toss

But I am giving thanks tonight for this dam's finally breaking. I'll be frustrated before it's finished, but will be happy with the results, I'm sure...

Was just reading Susan Miller's Astrology Zone tonight. I used to really be into astrology - studied it for quite some time, then sorta phased it out on a daily basis.

But I had seen that there will be three eclipses in the next month, and I know from experience that eclipses upset the fruit basket. Sometimes only a little, sometimes a lot. So, I went to read my horriblescope for July to confirm what I thought. Sure enough, these three are supposed to be strong ones for me. In my home and work areas... Hmmm....

I'm going to attribute this dam break on these eclipses! Works for me!!!

On Sunday we'll also make some cards for the Troops that I can send off to "From Our Hearts". I think I'll try to dig out the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas card fronts to concentrate on. By the time I get them to the group, they'll probably be getting set up to get ball rolling for those time frames.

If you have some cards, or card fronts that you're willing to donate to the troops, get them to me and I'll see they get to "From Our Hearts". Donations of other supplies are welcome to them as well: card stock, envelopes, packing tape, labels, clear cello bags to keep the cards clean both during and after shipment...

And Money - the costs to ship boxes of cards to the Middle East (and other places, I'm sure) are high - the boxes are heavy and they're going overseas. So, monetary donations are always welcome by this group, as well, to help cover those costs.

And here are your cat photos for tonight.

They actually came in early tonight (both at the same time!) so I closed the screen door. As you'll see, they decided it was a great night for a nap...

It was apparently cooler lying out by the dog house later this afternoon, cause that's where I found Smudge around 6:30.

And then, it got cooler and they decided to square off in the backyard. Smudge is that little black spot out yonder by the sun shade pole and the white chair. Shortly after that, they were tearing around the backyard chasing each other.

And here they are napping on the bed around 9:30 tonight. They don't sleep together much any more, so I kinda like it when I see them like this.

Happy Fourth, everyone!


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