Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday after the weekend...

...and I'm still tired! LOL Gettin' too old for back to back partying! Good day, though - met Jay and Mike for coffee, got the car door handle fixed and got a haircut.

Oh and I did TWO loads of laundry, the second of which was empty of dirty clothes because I came in and got on the computer right after starting to fill it, and then I wondered why it didn't sound right... NOTHING IN IT! Hullo - does the washer need a wash once in a while, too???

So earlier today I went out to take down the wash and guess who was up on the sun shade? NOPE - NOT Smedley! This time it was Smudge. Think that's the first time she's been up there. No, I did not have my camera.

I NEED to get my stampin' mojo goin' here. Only 21 days til convention, and I have no clue what I'm going to make for the shoebox swap I'm signed up for. Once I decide, I'll still have to order materials, cut paper, bag and tag everything...

And that's not even counting general swaps! I am very easily bored with making swaps , so I generally make 2 or 3 different ones in quantities of 24-32. Both are divisible by 4, so I can get 4 card fronts out of each 8-1/2 x 11 piece of CS.

Of course, cutting the rest of whatever I'm using generally ISN'T divisible by 4, so I end up making more scraps! Ya can't win, I tell ya!

OH OH OH - before I forget!



Square Fire Rhinestone brads


This deal is available from Monday, July 13, 2009; 10:00 AM (MT) until Monday, July 20, 2009; 9:50 AM (MT).

No mojo so I have nothing new to share in the way of stamped goods. I DO have a couple of cards to share though that I made last week.

The "just for you" card is actually Tangerine Tango, stamped with Dusty Durango, and decorated with Burgundy ribbon. Wanted to show that you CAN mix and match old and new In colors - just choose them wisely.

The "happy birthday" card uses Dusty Durango as the base, with Soft Suede and Crushed Curry as accent colors.

I used the tone on tone effect for both. I really like that look - it's simple, but leaves just enough negative space.

As you may have figured out, I'm a fan of SIMPLE.

I look at some of the cards printed in the card magazines these days, and I just find them SO FUSSY. I like playing with my toys, don't get me wrong - but I think one or two punches, or a few brads per card is just right...

Guess you could say I'm a fan of the "less is more" philosophy.

I actually saw a teen-ager wearing a t-shirt with that on it over the weekend! I'm not sure I bought into that philosophy at that age...

So, not much new with the Katz these days, other than Smudge being on the sun shade. They all DID find something among the patio bricks the other day, though. I never did figure out what it was, but the three of them were fascinated for about a half an hour!

Then Smedley went up on the sun shade again, so I had to snap his handsome face again.

Everyone came in before 8 tonight - think it MAY have had something to do with there being no cookies! They thought they were starving to death. So, I filled the cookie jar and closed the screen door.

Later I found them here:
OF COURSE those are clean clothes!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sleep in the dirty clothes. Only the clean ones are good enough.

Have a great day - no matter what you do!

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