Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back Again...

Hi Everyone!

It's been almost a year since I posted anything to this blog.  Not sure where the time went, but it has passed.  It hasn't been totally uneventful, but can't say it has had a lot of highlights, either.

I think that's what most of life is like.  Not uneventful, but with a few highlights here and there.

I've followed a number of blogs over the years, and find that I continue to follow those who inject a lot of their own personality into their blogs.  So, as I start this blog up again, expect some stamping, techniques, photography, gardening, and other things that I may be involved in.

I want to do the Photo A Day idea in August, so I'll have those to post.  I think I'll also include a little info about why I chose to make that particular object(s) the photo of the day.  I then plan to use Project Life with Stampin' Up! products in my 6x8 memory book.  That way, I can print the  photos either large or small and have some limited space for journaling why I took that particular photo.

In the meantime, I'll post a few cards and other items I've been creating out in my Stampin' Garage.  It's what keeps me happy being a demonstrator -- the creative outlet it provides with all the tools:  stamps, inks, paper, kits, tools, etc.

Oh, and I can't forget Paper Pumpkin!

About 6 months ago, my creative juices seemed to have dried up.  I had about 4 of the Paper Pumpkin kits sitting around, and decided since I didn't have any projects in mind, I might as well put one or two of these together. 

And what happened when I opened those boxes?  I started playing with the "guts" and suddenly, I wanted to make changes to the ideas included in the box, and voila!  The creative juices started flowing again.

Are you stuck, creatively?  Well, give Paper Pumpkin a try!  And from now until September 10, 2014, you can sign up for two months and pay for ONLY ONE!  This is our way of convincing you to try it!

Go HERE to sign up!  Use the code HALFOFF2 and give your credit card information, and sit back and wait for it to arrive in your MAILBOX!  Ships around the 15th of each month.  And the best part for me?  It's a SURPRISE!

After the first two months, the price will revert to $19.95 each month.  You don't need to do anything!  Your subscription will continue to automatically ship to you each month.

If you want or need to, you can skip a month, simply by returning to the site and selecting the option you want.  And once you've gotten your first two Red Boxes with Paper Pumpkin, you can subscribe in 3, 6, and  1 year increments if you'd like.

Want to see a couple of them?  Here ya go!

 The pinwheels were the kit for June.  My friend, Del, just pumped it up a bit by adding some flowers in red, white & blue, along with a few firecrackers.  She did an awesome job, didn't she?

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!