Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Sunday

I hope your Sunday is a pleasant one! It's going to be HOT here again today. We've had temps in the mid-90's lately, and all I can say is thank goodness for an air conditioned CAR!

Nope - no air conditioning in my house. We need it about 2-3 weeks a year, and it was not much of a consideration when I bought my new furnace about 5 years ago - not worth the extra dinero at the time.

So, here we are, about 4 days into a week of hi temps, and the Kidz and I are all sweltering. I'm even letting them stay out later at night, since this is the only time it's cool these days...

Was working in the garage tonight, unpacking from the workshop I did last night, and I had the garage door propped up and the fan going. It was quite pleasant... BUT, Smedley came in from out there, and I really don't want those Kidz out front after dark. In the backyard is OK, and even there, we've had a couple of confrontations with someone unknown lately.

I'm sure it's just some roaming cat, but apparently he's harassing Velvet and Smudge, cause SOMEONE screeched pretty loudly the other night. I went to the back door and let them both in, and then went out to see if I could find "whoever" - no luck, but when I got ready to come back in, Smudge was ready to tear out there and "git 'em!". Of course I didn't let her...

Back to my workshop from last night (thanks, Gloria!) - we had fun. About 10 ladies who craft, but don't necessarily stamp... I had two stamping virgins last night (always fun!), but they did very well with the projects. Would you like to see them?

A double box #2, decorated for Fall. I thought they'd make cute decorations for the Thanksgiving table.

A flower pot card. I've seen these on others' blogs, but had never made one til earlier this week. Easy peasy!

And of course, the obligatory candy holder. I changed it up this time by having them cut two Top Note dies, then turning whichever one they wanted on top 90 degrees and running it back thru the Big Shot. The results? A SQUARE Top Note!

All three projects needed the Big Shot. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Big Shot?!!?

And here's a sneak peak at what I've got planned for my next workshop - will it be YOURS?
Call, email me, or leave me a comment below to book that workshop!

So, the other night, I needed to trim the catnip plants because they were getting ready to go to seed. And, someone didn't want to come in ( can't remember which one - they take turns!), so I bribed everyone with a nice big long stalk of catnip. They had fun! Check it out:

Smudge trying to be ladylike and eating hers on the step stool.

And of course, Velvet:

Here's Smedley having a wonderful time rolling around on the kitchen floor.

I'm doing OK with my virtual farm. Still don't have enough points to buy a house, but am getting closer. It's fun, but gosh, it's time consuming! AND ADDICITIVE! But who's got an addictive behaviour, anyway? Not ME! LOL

Oh, remember I told you I'd made myself a bulletin board? Well I finally remembered to take photos. Here it is - not bad, if I do say so myself!

Well, guess that's all that's fit to print for tonight. If I'm MIA for very long, come look for me on Facebook at Farm Town!

Happy stampin'!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hullo Again...

Didja think I'd forgotten you?

I hadn't, just been being a little lazy, along with trying to get the creative juices flowing again.

You know - new stamps (finally mounted!), new Designer Papers, new Big Shot dies. Too many toys, too many tools!

Sometimes when I get a bunch of new stuff at the same time, I get analysis paralysis --- too many ways to go and too many new things to try all at once. Where does one start?

So, this week, I cut DSP on the Top Note die; I cut some leaves on Leaves #2 die; I used one or two of the new punches...

Here's a snapshot of what I DIDN'T use this week...

But the most important thing I did this week was CLEAN HOUSE OUT THERE!

Gather like things with like things, find a place to put them where you MIGHT remember where they are... Sort the CS scraps into manageable locations - squares and oblongs go to the Big Shot scrap bin. You just never know when you're going to need a scrap for one die or another.

Oh - and I also made myself a bulletin board this week. I've signed up for some on-line classes starting Sept. 1, and I'm trying to find all my "school books and necessities". Decided having a bulletin board (tack board, actually) to hang on the door of my computer room might be a good idea. Thought I'd taken a photo of it, but apparently not... Another day!

I also found a chalk board I'd purchased a couple of years ago - idea was to decorate it, but I need it now, so it'll go up undecorated, (unless I get some sort of scathingly brilliant idea before that happens) but useful.

And, my DEAR friend, Joanna has got me hooked on YET another on-line thing (she's the one who prodded me to start blog thing) - now I've become a FARMER on Facebook!

It's a really cute SIM game - I keep planting stuff, it matures, I harvest it and sell it, and plow more plots and start all over again!

Two of my close friends play this thing, so they've been helping me struggle along. They've got goats, pigs, dogs, cats, fences, barns, and rows and rows and rows of crops on their farms. So, I can tell this thing's going to need attention, if nothing else!

So, what, exactly, HAVE you stamped this week, Sam?

Well, let me show you...

This is a piece done using gray CS, with two different pieces of Cast-A-Spell DSP - the houndstooth pattern, and the darker piece that I stamped, then heat embossed with white.

I added a couple of silver brads - kind of an elegant Halloween card, don't you think?

This one uses the Cast-A-Spell DSP, as well,

And, both cards used stamps from the "From The Crypt" set. I love it - it's old fashioned scary!

I also used Pumpkin Pie corduroy buttons to replicate the pumpkins in the DSP.

And, lastly, this card was made with pieces of the Autumn Meadows DSP that will be available in the Holiday mini-catalog.

If you've placed an order with me in the past year or so, you're probably on my mailing list, and should receive a copy of this in the mail this coming week.

If you've not ordered from me but would like one sent to you, leave me a comment with your email address, so I can get in touch with you for your snail mail address. Be happy to send one on to you!

Smedley says BYE - and keep on stampin'...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

WOW Boxes

Yesterday was Stamp Club. I'm seriously tempted to change it from Stamp Club to Paper Crafters Club, since I seem to use my Big Shot for more lately, than I find myself stamping. Whadda think? Make sense?

Anyway, no matter what we call it, my monthly club ladies were here yesterday, with some exceptions (hi Kathleen, Anne, Irene, & Sylvia - we missed you!)... The ladies who were here made WOW boxes - and did a terrific job!

Here's Lindsay's. She elected to use the new butterfly punch several times, as well as the retired Raspberry Tart DSP.

Isn't it lovely?

This was Lindsay's first visit to my Stampin' Garage and I think she had a good time!

Next was Mary's. This was her first visit to the Stampin' Garage, as well. She used a retired DSP to make her box, along with some of the Flower Fusion accessories.

Here's Bernadette's. Truly a WOW box.

She used the Cottage Wall DSP, as well as the Top Note die (with Orchid Opulence and Rich Razzleberry CS), along with a Floating Re-inker rose done with Rich Razzleberry.

Del did her usual awesome job - check it out!

She also used the new butterfly punch, along with Urban Gardens DSP and a few other die cuts from the same paper.

And last, but certainly not least, Linda's:

She used the Cottage Wall DSP as well.

Look how much different THIS sheet is from the one Bern used. Linda embellished hers with stamped butterflies she cut out, then added glitter to. She said they NEEDED to sparkle!

I didn't have them make cards to put inside, since I like letting them CREATE - giving them the basic box idea is the easy part - decorating it to your own taste is strictly up to you, and takes time and brain power! So, most of them spend more time embellishing than making the actual box yesterday.

I turn 'em loose in the garage to use anything I have out there for embellishing/decorating. I've started keeping my die cuts in little plastic see-thru boxes. They used to hold peppermint stir sticks, but I threw them away since they were last year's. But the plastic boxes - no way! One can never have too many little see-thru plastic boxes!

The Kidz were "helping" me tonight...

Yep, that's Smudge playing with a hair band that I generally put around my big dies to keep the paper cover with it. It makes it easier to see what the die actually is. But, apparently, I've put one away with out it's hair band.

Smudge wins, I guess! LOL

Have a great week!

Friday, August 14, 2009

More from Convention

So we go to convention, as I told you, to swap with others, learn new techniques and business ideas, to swap, to eat, to enjoy comradery with our fellow demonstrators.

We also get to play with the new ideas, and take photos of countless display boards that contain the "best of the best" ideas that have been submitted to Stampin' Up! during the year.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

A beautiful birdhouse.

And here's another birdhouse.

I thought this dog was just adorable! He's made from PUNCHES!

And check out the vanity table on the left in the background! It was made from the matchbox die, and used our silver cardstock for the mirror.

People are getting really creative with punches any more. I don't understand how they can break them down to such basic shapes... Once I've seen how they break it down, I SEE it - but not before then...

One of my downline was a Convention Virgin (at first time attendee!), and wanted her photo taken with Shelli... So, I stood in line with her - as it happened, they stopped the line RIGHT after her, so we had to wait til the end, but she DID get her photo with Shelli - and me!

I had no intention of "hogging in", but , heck, I was there, so why not! It's always good to chat with Shelli... She's so very gracious.

That's Terri on the right. She had a good time!

And here's your photo of The Kidz for tonight. They were playing around on the table by the back fence, so I snapped their picture.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Convention Samples

Hey everyone...

Tonight I thought I'd show you what my upline gave me as a gift at convention. She's a great upline - she gives us hand stamped or hand made items that are always beautiful and inspiring..

Well, you'll see...

Here's what she made with the Big Shot. It's a quilted tag - very beautiful!

She used it to tie the bag of cards closed, but it could easily be used as a Bag Tag, or even a bow for a little girl's hair.

Hey, maybe I need to give it to Haley Beary to wear twined between her ears!

She's sitting right above my computer so I can pet her once in a while...

Here's the first card - closed.

It's a Hinge card.

And here it is, opened up.

The Hinge is the large white brad on the bottom left of the green DSP.

The note inside is a Christmas Card.

Quite clever!

I haven't made one of these, so I may put it on my Challenge list...

Here are a couple more. I like how she used the same items for multiple purposes.

For instance, she's used the Square Scallop die for two of the cards. Then she used the diagonal Texture Plate on two different cards, showing us several ideas for each item.

And here's a close up of the diagonal texture plate on the red & white card.

And here's the last card. I especially liked this one, for some reason - yet I haven't bought any of the pirate stuff...

Hope you enjoyed these! I'm still unpacking my stuff from convention, trying to decide what I'm going to make FIRST!

I have Stamp Club this weekend, and they're going to make the WOW box I showed a month or so ago. Mine was made with DSP from the last catalog, so who knows that theirs will look like - different DSP, different concept!

If you'd like to join my monthly stamp club, leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll contact you!

OH OH OH I keep forgetting to tell you!!!

There's a special in effect RIGHT NOW if you're interested in joining Stampin' Up! and all it's wonderful demonstrators. $85!!! REALLY!

You'll get all the newest In colors pads, and - well, here's the entire listing:

Item Code Page #* Description Retail Value**

115360 118 For All You Do stamp set $28.95
115658 155 Rich Razzleberry Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
115656 155 Melon Mambo Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
115659 155 Crushed Curry Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
115654 155 Dusty Durango Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
115655 155 Bermuda Bay Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
115657 155 Soft Suede Classic Stampin' Pad $5.95
100730 155 Whisper White card stock (8-1/2" x 11") $7.50
115315 155 In Color assorted card stock (8-1/2" x 11") $7.95

*All page numbers refer to the 2009-2010 Idea Book & Catalog
**All products may be substituted for like items; see Mini Starter Kit order form for details.

This special is in effect until August 31st - interested?

You can sign up for this special ON-LINE at my Demonstrator Website at You'll need a password: stampwithsam

Or, leave me a comment about this, too, and I'll be happy to answer any and all questions!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Again...

It's good to be home!

Don't get me wrong - I had a BLAST at Convention. But I was exhausted by Saturday evening, and ready to sleep in my own bed, with my own pillow...

That said, we DID have a blast!

Here are some photos from dinner our first evening:

This is Sharon. She's VERY shy and didn't want her photo taken. You may see her later... Susan's in the photo with her.

Joanna and Patti on the other side of the table.

We were eating in the Blue Iguana - good Mexican food. I even had a marguerita, for a change. I wasn't driving!

Patti and Susan...

There were just the five of us the first night.

Terri came in the next day, and we went to our Shoe Box Swap in the afternoon.

Lots of cool cards to share with you from the Shoe Box swap, but I'll save them for another time...

After the shoebox swap, we went to stand in line for Memento Mall. It was STILL long! At 5 PM! We were able to get in before they closed the doors at 6 PM, and we all loaded up on our favorite(s) of the selections of items being offered.

The big seller was the grocery bag. They limited us each to 4 of each design. That's OK with me - that gives others a chance to at least get one if they want one... The next day, we could purchase unlimited amounts.

BUT, the next day we were able to buy - A STAMPIN' UP! BUILD A BEAR! She has on a Stampin' Up! apron! And a bow made out of our polka dot Melon Mambo ribbon in her hair.

I named mine Haley Beary. Her foot is tattooed with Stampin' Up! and she has a stamp attached to her wrist that says "Life without stamps is un-BEAR-able". She's VERY cute - and soft!

Patti named hers Dusty (for the Dusty Durango ribbon in her hair). Don't think anyone else had named their bear before we came home...

Now ya gotta understand - I am NOT a bear person. I BELIEVE this is the first bear I've ever had... EVER!

Maybe it's one that will comfort me in my old age, as opposed to comforting me when I was young!

After I bought my bear, the others in the group started talking about picking them out by their faces. I never thought about that. So, when I was taking Haley's photo tonight I looked. She looks like a bit of a devil, wouldn't you say?

How do you like her hair bow? I can change it anytime I want - the bow is made out of our ribbon, and I have ALL the colors!

The Katz were a bit miffed at me when I got home. But I've come to expect that. They eventually decide they're not so mad at me, and come around, one by one...

While I was gone, they DID move Georgi's old dog bed from the living room to the kitchen. Polly said they'd done it twice, but she had no idea HOW... But have they done it since I got home? Nope... The mystery remains...

Here they are, out in the backyard tonight.

Smedley's behind the plants and he and Smudge are playing around Velvet. She seems bored, but I'm sure she's just waiting for HER turn.

More tomorrow on Convention!

Monday, August 3, 2009

This Venue will be Dark...

...for the next week...

Off to our annual Stampin' Up! convention tomorrow - early for me (8:00 AM)... Salt Lake City, here were come! I'll be joining 3999 of my BEST friends!

We'll be toiling away - swapping card fronts, doing our Make & Takes, attending a Shoe Box Swap, swapping card fronts, attending my up-up-line's Luau party, attending classes on all sorts of things - mostly business building ideas, I'm sure. Oh - and did I mention, swapping card fronts?

We'll also be able to get up close and personal with Shelli Gardner, the co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up!

I've been a demonstrator for so long she knows me personally - that's not true for all demonstrators, so I'm honored that she remembers me when she sees me!

Here's a photo that was taken of the two of us at Leadership last January in Orlando. We were at Universal Studios for our annual Manager's meeting. Fun times!

I also hope to hook up with some demos from other parts of the country that I only have occasion to see/talk to at Convention and Leadership. Great Gals, by the way!

Oh yeah - those rascally Kidz are gonna be baby-sat by their Aunt Polly (thanks, Polly!). She's the ONLY person (including ME!) that they'll all coming running to say "hi" to! I just hope they don't give her too much trouble about coming in at night. I must remember to tell her it's OK to lock 'em out for the night if they don't want to listen.

I know she won't do that - she'd be too worried something would happen to them - but she needs to know she has that latitude, should the need arise...

So, while I'm away, be sure to dig out those stamps that you've got closeted somewhere and make a card or two!

When I get back, I'll be VERY pumped up and have LOTS to share with you!