Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Sunday

I hope your Sunday is a pleasant one! It's going to be HOT here again today. We've had temps in the mid-90's lately, and all I can say is thank goodness for an air conditioned CAR!

Nope - no air conditioning in my house. We need it about 2-3 weeks a year, and it was not much of a consideration when I bought my new furnace about 5 years ago - not worth the extra dinero at the time.

So, here we are, about 4 days into a week of hi temps, and the Kidz and I are all sweltering. I'm even letting them stay out later at night, since this is the only time it's cool these days...

Was working in the garage tonight, unpacking from the workshop I did last night, and I had the garage door propped up and the fan going. It was quite pleasant... BUT, Smedley came in from out there, and I really don't want those Kidz out front after dark. In the backyard is OK, and even there, we've had a couple of confrontations with someone unknown lately.

I'm sure it's just some roaming cat, but apparently he's harassing Velvet and Smudge, cause SOMEONE screeched pretty loudly the other night. I went to the back door and let them both in, and then went out to see if I could find "whoever" - no luck, but when I got ready to come back in, Smudge was ready to tear out there and "git 'em!". Of course I didn't let her...

Back to my workshop from last night (thanks, Gloria!) - we had fun. About 10 ladies who craft, but don't necessarily stamp... I had two stamping virgins last night (always fun!), but they did very well with the projects. Would you like to see them?

A double box #2, decorated for Fall. I thought they'd make cute decorations for the Thanksgiving table.

A flower pot card. I've seen these on others' blogs, but had never made one til earlier this week. Easy peasy!

And of course, the obligatory candy holder. I changed it up this time by having them cut two Top Note dies, then turning whichever one they wanted on top 90 degrees and running it back thru the Big Shot. The results? A SQUARE Top Note!

All three projects needed the Big Shot. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Big Shot?!!?

And here's a sneak peak at what I've got planned for my next workshop - will it be YOURS?
Call, email me, or leave me a comment below to book that workshop!

So, the other night, I needed to trim the catnip plants because they were getting ready to go to seed. And, someone didn't want to come in ( can't remember which one - they take turns!), so I bribed everyone with a nice big long stalk of catnip. They had fun! Check it out:

Smudge trying to be ladylike and eating hers on the step stool.

And of course, Velvet:

Here's Smedley having a wonderful time rolling around on the kitchen floor.

I'm doing OK with my virtual farm. Still don't have enough points to buy a house, but am getting closer. It's fun, but gosh, it's time consuming! AND ADDICITIVE! But who's got an addictive behaviour, anyway? Not ME! LOL

Oh, remember I told you I'd made myself a bulletin board? Well I finally remembered to take photos. Here it is - not bad, if I do say so myself!

Well, guess that's all that's fit to print for tonight. If I'm MIA for very long, come look for me on Facebook at Farm Town!

Happy stampin'!

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