Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Again...

It's good to be home!

Don't get me wrong - I had a BLAST at Convention. But I was exhausted by Saturday evening, and ready to sleep in my own bed, with my own pillow...

That said, we DID have a blast!

Here are some photos from dinner our first evening:

This is Sharon. She's VERY shy and didn't want her photo taken. You may see her later... Susan's in the photo with her.

Joanna and Patti on the other side of the table.

We were eating in the Blue Iguana - good Mexican food. I even had a marguerita, for a change. I wasn't driving!

Patti and Susan...

There were just the five of us the first night.

Terri came in the next day, and we went to our Shoe Box Swap in the afternoon.

Lots of cool cards to share with you from the Shoe Box swap, but I'll save them for another time...

After the shoebox swap, we went to stand in line for Memento Mall. It was STILL long! At 5 PM! We were able to get in before they closed the doors at 6 PM, and we all loaded up on our favorite(s) of the selections of items being offered.

The big seller was the grocery bag. They limited us each to 4 of each design. That's OK with me - that gives others a chance to at least get one if they want one... The next day, we could purchase unlimited amounts.

BUT, the next day we were able to buy - A STAMPIN' UP! BUILD A BEAR! She has on a Stampin' Up! apron! And a bow made out of our polka dot Melon Mambo ribbon in her hair.

I named mine Haley Beary. Her foot is tattooed with Stampin' Up! and she has a stamp attached to her wrist that says "Life without stamps is un-BEAR-able". She's VERY cute - and soft!

Patti named hers Dusty (for the Dusty Durango ribbon in her hair). Don't think anyone else had named their bear before we came home...

Now ya gotta understand - I am NOT a bear person. I BELIEVE this is the first bear I've ever had... EVER!

Maybe it's one that will comfort me in my old age, as opposed to comforting me when I was young!

After I bought my bear, the others in the group started talking about picking them out by their faces. I never thought about that. So, when I was taking Haley's photo tonight I looked. She looks like a bit of a devil, wouldn't you say?

How do you like her hair bow? I can change it anytime I want - the bow is made out of our ribbon, and I have ALL the colors!

The Katz were a bit miffed at me when I got home. But I've come to expect that. They eventually decide they're not so mad at me, and come around, one by one...

While I was gone, they DID move Georgi's old dog bed from the living room to the kitchen. Polly said they'd done it twice, but she had no idea HOW... But have they done it since I got home? Nope... The mystery remains...

Here they are, out in the backyard tonight.

Smedley's behind the plants and he and Smudge are playing around Velvet. She seems bored, but I'm sure she's just waiting for HER turn.

More tomorrow on Convention!

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