Monday, August 24, 2009

Hullo Again...

Didja think I'd forgotten you?

I hadn't, just been being a little lazy, along with trying to get the creative juices flowing again.

You know - new stamps (finally mounted!), new Designer Papers, new Big Shot dies. Too many toys, too many tools!

Sometimes when I get a bunch of new stuff at the same time, I get analysis paralysis --- too many ways to go and too many new things to try all at once. Where does one start?

So, this week, I cut DSP on the Top Note die; I cut some leaves on Leaves #2 die; I used one or two of the new punches...

Here's a snapshot of what I DIDN'T use this week...

But the most important thing I did this week was CLEAN HOUSE OUT THERE!

Gather like things with like things, find a place to put them where you MIGHT remember where they are... Sort the CS scraps into manageable locations - squares and oblongs go to the Big Shot scrap bin. You just never know when you're going to need a scrap for one die or another.

Oh - and I also made myself a bulletin board this week. I've signed up for some on-line classes starting Sept. 1, and I'm trying to find all my "school books and necessities". Decided having a bulletin board (tack board, actually) to hang on the door of my computer room might be a good idea. Thought I'd taken a photo of it, but apparently not... Another day!

I also found a chalk board I'd purchased a couple of years ago - idea was to decorate it, but I need it now, so it'll go up undecorated, (unless I get some sort of scathingly brilliant idea before that happens) but useful.

And, my DEAR friend, Joanna has got me hooked on YET another on-line thing (she's the one who prodded me to start blog thing) - now I've become a FARMER on Facebook!

It's a really cute SIM game - I keep planting stuff, it matures, I harvest it and sell it, and plow more plots and start all over again!

Two of my close friends play this thing, so they've been helping me struggle along. They've got goats, pigs, dogs, cats, fences, barns, and rows and rows and rows of crops on their farms. So, I can tell this thing's going to need attention, if nothing else!

So, what, exactly, HAVE you stamped this week, Sam?

Well, let me show you...

This is a piece done using gray CS, with two different pieces of Cast-A-Spell DSP - the houndstooth pattern, and the darker piece that I stamped, then heat embossed with white.

I added a couple of silver brads - kind of an elegant Halloween card, don't you think?

This one uses the Cast-A-Spell DSP, as well,

And, both cards used stamps from the "From The Crypt" set. I love it - it's old fashioned scary!

I also used Pumpkin Pie corduroy buttons to replicate the pumpkins in the DSP.

And, lastly, this card was made with pieces of the Autumn Meadows DSP that will be available in the Holiday mini-catalog.

If you've placed an order with me in the past year or so, you're probably on my mailing list, and should receive a copy of this in the mail this coming week.

If you've not ordered from me but would like one sent to you, leave me a comment with your email address, so I can get in touch with you for your snail mail address. Be happy to send one on to you!

Smedley says BYE - and keep on stampin'...

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