Monday, August 3, 2009

This Venue will be Dark...

...for the next week...

Off to our annual Stampin' Up! convention tomorrow - early for me (8:00 AM)... Salt Lake City, here were come! I'll be joining 3999 of my BEST friends!

We'll be toiling away - swapping card fronts, doing our Make & Takes, attending a Shoe Box Swap, swapping card fronts, attending my up-up-line's Luau party, attending classes on all sorts of things - mostly business building ideas, I'm sure. Oh - and did I mention, swapping card fronts?

We'll also be able to get up close and personal with Shelli Gardner, the co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up!

I've been a demonstrator for so long she knows me personally - that's not true for all demonstrators, so I'm honored that she remembers me when she sees me!

Here's a photo that was taken of the two of us at Leadership last January in Orlando. We were at Universal Studios for our annual Manager's meeting. Fun times!

I also hope to hook up with some demos from other parts of the country that I only have occasion to see/talk to at Convention and Leadership. Great Gals, by the way!

Oh yeah - those rascally Kidz are gonna be baby-sat by their Aunt Polly (thanks, Polly!). She's the ONLY person (including ME!) that they'll all coming running to say "hi" to! I just hope they don't give her too much trouble about coming in at night. I must remember to tell her it's OK to lock 'em out for the night if they don't want to listen.

I know she won't do that - she'd be too worried something would happen to them - but she needs to know she has that latitude, should the need arise...

So, while I'm away, be sure to dig out those stamps that you've got closeted somewhere and make a card or two!

When I get back, I'll be VERY pumped up and have LOTS to share with you!

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