Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW It's September - ALREADY!

Where has this year gone already?

You know the year's moving right along when you start thinking about Halloween. And I've been thinking about it a lot lately - mainly because I've gotten new stamp sets from the HOLIDAY mini- catalog.

THIS ONE'S the best one yet! No lie... I want everything in it!

And, probably, by January 4th, when it expires, I'll have most of it... But I'll be sharing my creations with all of you, so stay tuned...

I want to say "WELCOME" to Maura, who has joined my
"we StAMp everything" Stampin' Up! team! I'm so excited for her. She's got some great stamping friends who will support her in her endeavor, I'm sure.

Would YOU like to join my Stampin' Up Team? It's easy to do! Just go to my website and click on "Start Your Own Business" and follow the directions. The password you need is "stampwithsam"...

Let's see what I have in treasure trove of photos to share with you tonight. Oh yes, some photos from convention!

How about some Build A Bear?

Here are some with Stitch Witchery applied to fabric before being run through the Big Shot. Then they were ironed on to the tote bags. Cute, huh?

YES! You can run cloth thru the Big Shot, as well as about 45 other items!

How versatile is that?

And these are backed with magnets, and stuck to a cookie sheet!

What fun you could have with these if you have children who are the age to play with paper dolls!

I've been told there's a magnetic PAINT available at hardware stores. You could make ANYTHING magnetic, which would allow you to develop a very large and complicated "playground" for your bears!

And you know what? A child of 5 or older could use this by themselves. There's no way they can hurt themselves (but I'm not saying they shouldn't be monitored while using it until you're comfortable they know how).

And here they are, decorating gift bags!

Now, I have to admit, I don't have the Build-A-Bear items as yet, so I haven't been tempted to play "paper dolls". But, hey, it's possible!

Smedley's not sure he's up to playing with Build-A-Bear - look at him saying "NOOOOO WAY"!!!

Can you tell I like this photo - it can say so many things!

Well, have yourselves a wonderful day today. We MIGHT get a break from the heat for a day or two, which would be VERY welcomed!

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