Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heritage Quilts

As I've mentioned before, earlier this month Susan and I had the opportunity to go to my upline's once a year stamping event.

The quilt I'm about to show you was made by Janet Baker. It is exquisite.

It's a Heritage Quilt. I SO want to make one of these after having seen Janet's.

The quilt was hanging on the wall, so my photos may look a little skewed.

I did the best I could without ripping it off the wall and asking Janet to pose with it!

Notice how each square is unique. She used the Big Shot to cut the swirly pieces. She also used the Tulipe and the Oval Scallop dies.

The fabrics coordinate very well together, both from the pattern and the color standpoint.

She used different laces on each square.

She used different buttons on each square.

She even used a piece of our hardware on one of the squares.

She used both portrait and landscape photos on her quilt to keep the viewer's eye interested and moving around the quilt.

And here are photos of each individual section of the quilt, so that you can really see how much variety she put into the quilt, while maintaining the color scheme she'd chosen. She carried the buttons through out the quilt, as well as the laces.

It's just lovely...



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