Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Digital Studio

OK - I know I promised you some information on My Digital Studio a while back.

This program is ADDICTING! I'm ALMOST done with the book of photos of the cats that I want to have made so I have a tangible "Show & Tell".

I can have up to 22 pages in this book. Got 16 or so done and realized I was duplicating photos... Back to the drawing board.

I also realized MAYBE I didn't have enough photos for that many pages.

Say it isn't so!!! I have plenty of photos - maybe just not enough that I'm proud of enough to showcase...

The other thing I'm learning is that *I* need to set a deadline, or I'll putz with the thing forever, tweaking it just a little bit more each time I'm in the program.

So, I'm pretty pleased with a few of the pages, and thought I'd show them to you tonight.

This can be either my book cover, or the first page of my scrapbook. My Option!

I added some Designer paper as a border to separate the large photo from the smaller ones. I also added the brads, AND I changed the smaller photos from square to round.

I was able to move the crop tool around on the photos to better position the Kidz within the size of the photo to the area of the template I was trying to fit the photo into.

This is a journaling page I've decided will be in the front part of the book.

I chose a template with a large journaling area, eliminated the photo outlines, and enlarged the journaling area to accommodate the story i needed to tell.

I used one of our background papers (it's very subtle) and then I added the ribbon and bow, as well as used a heart punch as embellishments.

The heart punches are filled with some of our background papers. I was able to position the DSP where ever I wanted inside the heart punch. AND NO PAPER WAS WASTED to get the effect I was after.

This is a smaller version of some side by side pages from the book.

Remember, you can click on the individual photos to enlarge them, if you'd like.

I eliminated half the photos on each page and added buttons to help offset the photo areas I did kept.

And finally, here's one of the pages I did of Smudge.

I changed the background to one of our DSP patterns and colors, and again, added grosgrain ribbon and punches to the page.

If you wanted, you could put actual grosgrain ribbon and punch outs on your page. This is called hybrid scrapbooking - and I think that might appeal to me more than just the photo book.

But I'll reserve my judgment until I have the actual book in my grubby little paws - how's that?

Hope you've enjoyed the sneak peek at some of my Kidz' book. Hope it's inspired YOU to purchase this product and start your own digital paper crafting experience!

I'll be looking at other options for using this program and will be sure to share them with you.

My Digital Studio is available for you to purchase NOW! $79.95 BOTH PC AND MAC COMPATIBLE! Just go to my website to place an on-line order.

If you Hostess a $400 workshop during October, you can purchase My Digital Studio at HALF PRICE!

Call me with those orders or to schedule a workshop so you can earn it for yourself!

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