Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Boxes

Isn't this lovely?

It came about quite accidentally when I was making the ornaments for my brother's friend.

I knew they'd have trouble finding a box to fit them, so decided to make it myself.

I know how to make a box.

Well, sorta...

It seems when it comes to boxes, I always have to make at least 2 before I've got it right.

Should be pretty simple to calculate - determine the size you want the bottom of the box to be, and add 1" to all four sides for the sides of the box. (Example: 6 inch square bottom, add 1" in both directions, and you'll need an 8" x 8" square)

You'll notice I said SHOULD. For some reason, I calculate it in my head, and make the box, and invariably it's too large or too small, and I have to make adjustments to my measurements and start all over again.

Thereby comes the box above. It was too large for the ornaments I wanted to put into it, so decided, rather than pitch it (GASP! throw something AWAY?!! You're out of your mind!), I would to keep it and create a bottom for it.

I added one of the Vanilla lattice die pieces I'd just cut for something else. Then I decided to add the Bermuda Bay Polka dot ribbon.

It's coming right along, but needs some focal point.

I dug thru my stamp sets for something fairly large and found the cardinal from A Cardinal Christmas, stamped and colored him. Laid him on the top and it still needed something.

So, I layered the cardinal on to a piece of Bermuda Bay, then Rose Red. The Thoroughly Modern DSP I started with had both these colors in it.

And voila! I have a nice looking box top.

For the bottom, you cut the CS the same size, but when scoring, choose to score to the OUTSIDE of the measurement. That will make top just enough bigger that you should have a nice snug fit.

I used the Thoroughly Modern DSP for the top, so selected Bermuda Bay CS for the bottom.
Just a reminder about my upcoming Christmas card Stamp A Stack on Saturday, October 24 @ 10 AM and again on Sunday, October 25th at 1 PM.

I showed you candidate for that event yesterday.

Here's another:

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Hope you saw something you liked!

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