Sunday, September 20, 2009

And even MORE Halloween

Boy! It's THAT time of the year! This year it seems EVERYONE is thinking about Halloween even earlier than usual.

Maybe I'm only noticing it because this year I'm excited about it - we have some awesome stamp sets to play with.

I'm a fan of scary Halloween - not every one is.

And I understand that - it's just that the macabre holds much more appeal for me for me personally than cutesy...

Just finished looking thru the latest copy of Country Living.

Remember, last month we had that great BBQ party invitation in conjunction with them? I signed up for a subscription. Curiosity, more than anything. Nice magazine, it seems...

Anyway, even they featured a white cake with a black spider on their cover this month!

So let me see what else I can share with you in the way of cards, etc...

These are light and airy and HAPPY Halloween...

Made with the Pumpkin Patch set from the Holiday mini.

And THIS is the more macabre sort I mentioned.

As is this one - but he's sorta cute, too...

I didn't EVEN ask for directions on how to make him, but I'm sure if you dig around on the various blogs out there, someone will have posted them...

And here's Melie, waving good night to all of you!

Keep on stampin'!


  1. carpet feet.. your kitty has carpet feet like my kitty... with the extra fluff in between their toesies 'cause they are spoiled and live on carpet instead of outdoors.

  2. Loni: not so sure about the living on carpet instead of outdoors. Melie was on the roof of my sun shade when I took that photo.

    But, yes, he IS a handsome devil, isn't he? (no, I'm not the least big prejudiced! LOL)

  3. Linda:

    Thanks! And I'd like to say that your take on the Medallion stamp that you posted on your blog is GORGEOUS! Love the colors you used.