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Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Fun!

Ya know, it's been said a picture is worth 1,000 words. And that maybe true.

But what ISN'T true is that a picture is better than the real thing.

Take for instance the latest corroboration between Country Living magazine and Stampin' Up! called "Occasion to Celebrate".

It's a bundle that contains invitations in the shape of a shish-ka-bob, tent cards(which you can use as place settings, or to describe the various foods on a buffet), napkin rings, sandwich wrappers, coasters, some stamps, and a couple of stampin' spots.

It's inviting in the photo on the flyer that SU gave us to pass along to you.

But when you see them and touch them and feel them in PERSON, what a difference! Look!

And here I am, showing you a photo again!

You have to see these in person to really appreciate how cute they are. I have a set - swing by and check this special out in person!

This happened to me last Fall when we had the Christmas chipboard bundle. Didn't think I wanted it, nor needed it.

But, I bought it and started playing around with it - and I ended up selling about 6 of them because others thought they were cute, too!

I made the cutest tree ornaments with photos of my bro & SIL and their kids and grandkids. I hope they're treasured - I was sure proud of how well they came out - and how easy they were to make!

I've found out, these bundles are ALWAYS cuter in person than they look in the photos.

This bundle sells for $24.95 and has enough of everything for a party of eight. Call or email (or go to my website on-line) to order these...

If I did a lot of entertaining, I'd want a couple of these "Occasion to Celebrate" sets, just so I could hold a BBQ!

The Riot of Petals has returned. Look!

It's been about a month since the last bloom. ALWAYS a pleasant surprise when I open the front door of a morning.

And here's that Melie - up on the sun shade, once again. As I write this, The Boy has not come in from outside - and I'm going to go to bed shortly. So, I'm sure he'll be knocking on the front door in the morning asking me to let him in. (as least I HOPE he does)...

He's just so photogenic. I have tons of great photos of him and always have a hard time deciding which ones to share.

Mudge, on the other hand, is wayyyy too "civilized" to generate very good photos. But she's a love, nonetheless...

Have a Happy and SAFE Fourth of July weekend. Hard to believe half the year is gone already, isn't it?


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