Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday I notice the Kidz chasing SOMETHING around in the back yard. So, I took my camera with me and went and checked it out. Took a while, since Smudge had taken it behind a planter.

Smedley wanted to play too, but Smudge's very selfish with her catches. He can LOOK, but he's not allowed to play - until she's done...

Turns out it's one of my old foes, a grasshopper... They love my plants, and I don't like them because of that.

The Kidz really put that 'hopper thru it's paces. Think it finally gave up, cause they just sat there, looking quite beautiful!

And then, here's what I found, just a little later...

What a vicious looking animal!

Yea, he's just yawning - but doesn't he look ferocious?

And this evening, I looked over, and here's Smudge, sleeping with her head on the rim of the adobe pot she loves so much. Silly Girl! I'll bet she sat there like that for about 10 minutes. Of course, as soon as I turned on the camera and starting snapping, she woke up!

I went thru my Sample Basket tonight, since I'm working on swaps and some Halloween items, but nothing's really ready to show you.

I thought I'd show you some ideas from the last year. The stamp sets are still current, but the CS colors might not be... IDEAS come in lots of colors!

I'll have some more to show you tomorrow - just in case I don't get those I've been working on done...


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  1. :-) The cats are looking great out there :-) Maggie also says "hi"...