Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's WARM!

We had our first Stamp Club meeting for this year today.

And it was hot out in Sam's Garage! The fan didn't seem to help much - no cool air to draw in, since the garage faces East and it was 10 AM... But everyone stuck it out!

They got to make their new "In" color charts and contrast charts. I posted them a while back.

And then they got to make the Tri Fold card I posted after the Hostess Appreciation party last weekend.

Oh, and everyone got their original catalog replaced with a comb bound one, which pleased them no end! Such a simple thing - why didn't I think of it before this year?

The garage is cleaner! Lookie!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!!?

Look at all that room!

OK, you say - where's all the "STUFF" that used to be in this garage?

Well, truth be told, it's all outside by the corner of the garage...

Waiting for me to do something with it soon. It'll soon be time for a garage sale, cause I NEED all the room that I see now!

But I was finally able to get the stuff off the top shelves so I can start manipulating the new units around to see how I want it to be.

And those boxes were put up in the rafters - probably never to be seen again!

It's the Victorian doll house I started over 22 years ago - and then I got a real house, and never had time to do anything on the doll house...

I did get lots done on the doll house before the real one came along - got the walls put together -- got them painted or wallpapered. Got to the part about wiring it for electricity and chickened out - put all the pieces in the boxes, bought a REAL house, and shuffled the dollhouse off to the garage...

It might be fun to dig it out and finish it now... I keep getting the postcards about the miniature convention up in L.A. It might be interesting to check one out again.

I remember the furniture, etc. was VERY expensive, considering it's build to a 12-1 scale (i.e. the miniatures are one inch for each 12 inches of "real" furniture). But it was all hand-crafted, so naturally would cost more.

Bought a number of furniture kits to put together and actually finished two things - a secretary and Grandfather clock.

I belonged to a club that sent a new hand made miniature item every month. You never knew what you were going to get, so it was always a surprise. I ended up with a mailbox with my street address on it, and a number of other little items to make a doll house a home.

And, I found out while working on those items. how much I love the feel of sanded wood when it's totally smooth, and how I love the color of cherry wood furniture...

At one point I wanted to own a Victorian house. And then I met my friend Ann, who lives in Portland - she has a Victorian house and she's been refinishing it for as long as I've known her! Must be 15 years, anyway - and I realized how much there was I'd have to pay someone else to do, and how I'd want it to be true to life - so needed a lot gingerbread, etc... Lotsa work!

So, painted the stucco tract home using real Victorian colors. Had a blast doing that - had three pink/mauve/plum tones and two green tones on the wooden parts. It came out pretty darned good, if I do say so myself, though... The neighbors, however, if polled, might not agree!

The heat did me in today, so I didn't do much in the garage this evening. I did look thru my catalog, trying to decide what I'm going to do for convention swaps, and I'm still as clueless as I was yesterday!

Have some accessories coming that I'm hoping will generate the "AH" that I need to get me started. I'm really looking forward to the Cottage Wall DSP that just shipped on Friday. I think that'll be what lights the spark!

Here are my Girls...

Smudge, patiently waiting for Smedley to come in from outside.

She can hear him, and probably see him, but she never seems to be able to get him to come to the door and ask to be let it!

And here's Velvet, sitting in her usual place - RIGHT in the middle of the hall runner, so I can trip over her in the dark!

Hope you're having a cool week-end, where ever you are and what ever you're doing!

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