Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's almost done!

New toilets are installed. Got the low flush variety, since we're under heavy water restrictions these days. (Did you want to see a photo of them? I have one! LOL)

The old florescent light fixture on kitchen ceiling has been replaced with 4 recessed lights with halogen bulbs. The old light fixture above the sink was also replaced with a recessed light. Still need to fill in the hole from the old florescent light and paint the ceiling, but I'm a Happy Camper! I CAN SEE! And those recessed lights make the kitchen look a lot more modern!

My house was built around 1970, and the stove is still the original one. One of these days that'll get replaced, along with getting new cabinets installed, but one baby step at a time...

The old fan was replaced with one that mounts closer to the ceiling, so it won't wobble so much, AND has those squiggly new light bulbs in it, which, if I remember correctly, will save electricity.

SEE? I can SEE out there! WOO HOO!

The kitchen faucet still needs to be replaced, but Craig didn't know I was going to spring that task on him, and hadn't brought the correct wrenches with him. He'll stop back tomorrow or Tuesday to finish up.

I'm SO GRATEFUL! I feel like I'm living in a brand new house! (sometimes I'm so easy to please it's pathetic!)

Did you notice the cherries around the top of the walls in the kitchen? Those were stamped on with an old Stampin' Up! set from about 5 years ago. Maybe longer, since I'd decided I wanted the cherries, and then I think they discontinued the set before I got the task done.

The hardest part of the task was taping the wall so that we'd get a straight line for the border. It took about 4 hours to do the stamping part - oh, probably not even that long. I love how they came out.

And I had fun trying to find "stuff" with cherries on it. NOT that easy to come by, in case you've never looked. EVERYONE has stuff with apples on it, but, NOOOO, I wanted cherries! Oh - and roosters... OH, AND, things needed to be in either cobalt blue or red...

A couple of my down line stopped by today and we made up some cards to send off to the troops. I swear, I must have 600 card fronts out there (and keep finding MORE) that could be worked into full cards and sent off. But it's time consuming, so we were only able to sort thru and get about 100 cards ready today.

I need to go to the P.O. tomorrow to mail an order off to a customer, so will pack those up and get them off to From Our Hearts as well. Thanks, Del & Terri, for your help!

Last night was fun around here. Smudge found a field mouse somewhere, about 7 PM, and dragged it thru the yard. She wouldn't let Smedley near it, either! S'MINE!
The mouse is in that little clump of weeds right in front of Smudge.

I know the photo's fuzzy, but it's the best I could do. I don't LIKE mice, so was keeping my distance, in the event it wanted to climb my leg!

Here she's letting Smedley get close, at least. He still wasn't allowed to touch it, but he could LOOK.

But then MOM stepped in and scooped Smedley up and took him into the house, because the fireworks were going to start soon, and I wanted them in the house. Right after I scooped him up, I went back out and scooped up Smudge, too.

She was NOT happy! The mouse is going to get away, Mom! Tried to tell her she could go out there again today and look for it (which I'm sure she did, but apparently she didn't find it again...)

Here are some little boxes I made last night with the Scallop box Big Shot die and the new Tall Tales DSP. They came out pretty cute, doncha think?

Have a great week! Do some stamping!


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