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Monday, February 7, 2011

The FIrst One

Today I found the first California poppy in bloom for this year! I've seen some alongside the road, but this is the first one in my backyard this year.

Of course, I found it around Noon when it was fully open, and forgot to take a photo until around 4 PM. Once the plant is in the shade (from the fence or other plants, for instance) the flower closes up.

Last evening it looked like this, and I KNEW it would be open today.

It was a LOVELY day to putz around out in the yard today.

I spent most of it tidying up potted plants - you know, cut off the dead wood, pull the weeds (myriads of them!!!!), move the pots around so that they're where they'll be happier.

When Dr Destructo re-did the patio last year, everyone got moved - and just put ANYWHERE! Most of them were not happy. They didn't get the attention they were used to (for the most part, I couldn't GET to them for one reason or another), and the weeds had just taken over...

Luckily, we got lots of rain this year, so there are more survivors than I'd anticipated. So, time spent grooming them will be very worthwhile in the long run.

The honeysuckle fell over during the rains, too, and it just sat there for about two weeks - it was on "the list" every day, but I found lots of excuses not to do anything about it.

Last week I hacked the heck out of it! In the time since it had fallen over, it had started showing some new shoots closer to its base, which was helpful. I knew how far back I could cut it without killing it. So I spent a little time today, re-hanging the netting I want it to grow up, and trying to convince those long runners that they'd be happier if they let me weave them thru the netting to get them started going where I want them.

While I was putzing out there, the cats all came out to join me.

They like it when I'm working out in the backyard. See?

Smudge wants me to pet her and follows me around (or just sits on the patio coffee table)...

Smedley plays "flat cat" ( or just sits on the patio chair!)...

And Velvet just sits on the patio chair and watches and naps...

And then, to top it all off, we had this gorgeous sunset, complete with a new moon!

I know - you probably can't see the new moon, but, trust me, it's there!

New moons are supposed to signify new beginnings.

I hope I was able to give a few of my plants some chances for new beginnings today.

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