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Saturday, February 5, 2011


For one week around Christmas, we had an overabundance of rain here in San Diego. It rained every day, most of each day.

There was so much rain (remember, our yearly average is 9 or 10 inches!) that my back yard became a pond every day.

It would stop raining for a little while, and some of the water would be absorbed into the ground.

But the next day, it would rain again, and AGAIN, my back yard became a pond.

By the end of the solid week of rain, even The Kidz were getting tired of it.

For Smudge, it meant she couldn't be outside most of the time. She sat on the scratching post, looking out the front window most of the time, wishing it would stop raining, so she could go 'sploring.

Then she'd ask to be let outside, only to walk to the edge of the patio and find there was still WATER!

Smedley was just fine with it - after all, he spends his days in the rafters in the garage, and if prodded, will come down about an hour before sunset and venture outside... And then, of course, doesn't want to come back inside until well after dark.

Velvet would ask to go out into the rain sometimes... She's always enjoyed rain - very strange, for a cat! But she likes it, and then when she comes back inside, doesn't want me to dry her off.

I think this is how she takes a shower! She gets all fluffed up out there and maybe she believes Mother Nature is taking care of the bathing part of her life... Whatever, she does enjoy the rain.

So one day, my neighbor, Polly, knocked on the door and told me to grab my camera - we had rainbows!

I took a picture of her taking a picture of the rainbows...

We had a double one!

Isn't it beautiful?!!?

I hope you found some rainbows in your life today!

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!

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  1. This popped up on my feed today and I thought I'd share my Kidz and my neighbor Polly - she's always been a bright spot in the neighborhood.