Sunday, May 31, 2009

It RAINED Today!

If you don't live in San Diego, you probably think I'm a little nuts to be so excited about it's raining... But we don't GET rain at this time of the year! So when I woke up this AM and saw the patio was wet from roof run-off, it was exciting...

And then a little later, I could actually HEAR the rain dripping from the eaves... The cats came in and their coats were wet...

OH - it wasn't REALLY raining - it was a heavy drizzle, which, out here, constitutes rain most of the time. But we get excited about it!

So I went out and took some photos.

Look at the raindrops on the roses! Hey - that would be a great line for a song! ha ha There were raindrops on the Martha Washington geraniums, too, but guess they didn't show up in the photo.

The cats were having a blast out there in the mist...

Here's Melie checking out the Martha Washington geraniums.

And Mudge looking SO MUCH like a skunk!

Apparently her fur was wet enough to part, so you can see her white undercoat.

And here she is sitting in the flower pot - maybe she's trying to keep her feet dry?

Velvet, on the other hand, elected to stay inside and keep her tootsies warm sitting in the Fancy Feast box!

It never did clear up today. So, I played on the 'puter most of the day - took a nap, watched a little TV.

Caught the last half hour of "Dead Like Me" - LOVE that show, and it's not aired very much. So, I enjoyed what little I was able to view.

Did go get the flea spray, but the house needs to be ventilated after you spray it, and it was not a very nice day to open up the house. Too cold!!!

So tonight I went out to the Stampin' Garage to make something for a Father's Day gift to show you.

It's a photo holder.

I think we think Dads and Grandpas wouldn't like to have personal photos holders, but I'll be they'd cherish them just as much as Moms and Grandmas do - they just would never tell you they do!

So here's the one I started tonight.

When it's finished it will have 5 of the clear envelopes inside, which will hold the 5x7 photos you'll print out. I'll receive some of those in my Stampin' Up! on Monday, so will finish it then.

The corduroy buttons are installed all the way through, which will hold the clear envelopes in place.

Tomorrow I'll try to dig around in all these card fronts I have and see how many other Father's Day card ideas I can find to post.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Hi Sam! I almost thought your cat was a skunk! She's beautiful..! I will post a link to your blog! :)

    thanks for mentioning me in your blog!!! hugs!