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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beauty Parlor Night

Oh, not for me! For the cats!

I finally got around to vacuuming today, so have to flea comb everyone - all at the same time. Well, sequentially, but I can't miss one of them, or we start all over again.

So tonight was Beauty Parlor night.

It takes about an hour to really comb Velvet out - rake (yes! it's really called that!) her all over, then come back and do it all over again with the flea comb. Sometimes we only get half way done, because she decides to become a Princess.

But I always look at it this way: It's better than it was!

Smedley is just a hassle to comb. He thinks we're playing, and never lies still. I've learned he likes to be raked backwards - i.e., from his tail to his head. He LOVES it - and it gets a lot more of his fine gray fur out of him and into the trash can, so it's a bonus!

Smudge is only now beginning to enjoy being raked and combed. I think she's finally figured out that I DO get the fleas out with the comb, and I "lighten her load" every time I rake her. She doesn't look like it, but she's got a pretty thick coat. It's just amazing to me how much WHITE fur I get out of her when I rake her.

So, other than watching the finale of LOST, that's what I accomplished tonight...

And LOST -- well, something blew up, but who DIDN'T blow up is for us to find out next season. It was great to see Vincent, Rose and Bernard. Hooray for them for their choices. I just hope they didn't get blown away at the end of this season.

I THOUGHT I was recording the show, but the recorder only stayed on for about the first 7 minutes, and it kicked off. Dang! It's happened before, and then when I stand in there and make SURE it's recording, it does! What's up with that?

So, if I want to watch it again, it'll have to be on-line.

OK, here's something from my archives for tonight's post.

I made this basket last year, from instructions I found on-line. At one point, I knew who's blog I found it on, but I've forgotten. So, if it was you, thanks for sharing!

I made it with LAST year's In Color - Groovy Guava. I cut strips in a number of different lengths and widths, then sponged the edges of all that paper before beginning to weave the basket. I swear, it took longer to do the sponging than everything else put together!

I still have the instructions somewhere, so maybe I'll try one in another color one of these days...

Today that basket holds Gift Cards for sale at my local Curves. They went well at Christmas, but aren't moving well, these days. Time to bring them home and try something else.

My upline, Jill, called me today to tell me she's going to be at one of the booths at the Delmar Quilt show tomorrow Friday, and Saturday. She'll be making a quilt using the Big Shot, and will be selling her pattern.

She lives in Utah, so I only get to see her at SU events two or three times a year. It'll be nice to get a chance to chat a little with her, assuming she's not over run with customers when I stop by.

Since I have Stamp Club Saturday, I'm planning to drop by one of the other days to check it out. I'm excited to see what she's done.

Here are a couple of card holders I made recently. These will be Hostess gifts, when I need one.

Happy Stampin'


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