Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh yeah - Stamping!

I'll bet you think I've forgotten about stamping lately, don't you? I haven't - I've just been busy with stamp club orders and making cards for the troops.

But, as I was sorting thru card fronts to use for those cards, I came across several I decided to keep and show to you!

This a card I received in the mail last week - an RAK card. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. My name was selected from a list I belong to, and this awesome person sent me an unexpected card! She didn't sign the back of the card, and I don't remember her name. But whoever you are - thank you! You made my day!

This is what I love about rubber stamping. There's no way I'd have EVER come up with this idea, even if all the pieces and tools had been put in front of me.

Everyone looks at a set of stamps differently - and generally does something totally different than you would with that set!

And here are a couple from two of my team members:
Susan Starr

Natalie Travis

And I can't forget the Kidz!

Up on the roof

Sitting in the Adirondak chair - MY place!

Sitting on the patio chair. He's pretty handsome, isn't he?

On top of the cement block on the patio...

So, what have YOU been stamping lately?


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