Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who I Am

My name is Sam and I'm a Stampaholic! Welcome to my blog!

I plan to show you some of the things I've been playing around making. Most of them are ideas I've gotten from other very creative stampers and their blogs, with my own "twist" applied.

I've been a SU demo for over 18 years - and the thing that's kept me most interested is the creative avenue it affords me.

I stamp in my garage most every evening, along with my three cats. Let me introduce you to them:

Velvet, a black Persian, is 12 years old. Her mother was purebred and belonged to a college associate. I got her the year I graduated from Univerity of Phoenix, and love the fact that she's a pillow cat!

Her siblings, litter mates, are 1.5 years old, and were rescued from the local fairgrounds' horse barns when they were very tiny. I adopted them when they were 8 weeks old. Their names are Smedley (gray, with silver toes) and Smudge (black with a white undercoat).

I always thought I'd like to have twins - boy, letme tell ya! Having two kittens the same age was just like having two kids at a time, and there were times when I wasn't sure we were all going to make it thru the kitten stage!

But we all made it, and they're pretty good Kidz these days. They all provide me with much entertainment, as well as occasional exasperation!

For instance, even though I tried earlier this Spring to interest S&S in grasshoppers (the hoppers were eating all the leaves off my plants!), they showed absolutely NO interest - until the other day when they caught one and brought it into the house - as a team.

Now I've had cats my entire adult life, and with cats, come outside critters, so you'd think I'd be used to Critters and having to remove them from the house. But I freak out each and every time. Kept pretty calm this time and captured it in a jar and took it and S&S outside.

Anyway, back to my stamping garage. It's a mess right now. I've recently gotten a wild hair to try and get rid of some of the mess, so got a shelving unit and started loading it down with eveything put into Sterlite see-thru boxes. It looks so nice and tidy - what's done.

NOW, though, the rest of the place is a disaster area. Why is it that you always have to make a mess to clean something up? I'm also hoping to paint the walls while re-doing everything. Big job!


  1. Your garage will not be your garage all cleaned up. What is the difference between e-mail and a blog?
    Seriously I don't get it

  2. Linda:

    I send an email to you and you just open it to read it. You have to visit the blog to see it.

    Clear as mud?