Thursday, May 7, 2009

LOST! Again!

I'm a huge LOST fan - have been since Day 1. I used to spend hours reading blogs and comments trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and what was going to happen next.

This season, they've just escalated the activity to the point that all I can do after each show is collapse! Too much going on, getting a few answers, but, in reality, more questions arise than answers are given!

Next week will be the Season 5 finale. I have no idea what to expect - but, if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be watching it!

Earlier this season I was SO against the Sawyer/Juliet hook-up. Really wanted it to be Kate and Sawyer. NO LONGER! Now I want Sawyer and Juliet to be together - they seem to have become happy together, living in Dharmaville in 1977. Of course, all that may be down the tube after last night's show. The H-bomb is right under Dharmaville!

Will they detonate the H-bomb on the island? And if they do, what then? Does the island disappear? Does that send them back to 2008? And how is detonating the H-bomb going to make that happen? Nuthin' makes much sense! Gee, what a surprise from a show like LOST!

Sawyer & Juliet were on their way outta there in the sub and at the last minute, who comes on board? KATE! NOOOOOOOOOO! This is gonna mess things up big-time... And Juliet's been wearing a red shirt for the past 3 weeks, which doesn't bode well for her making it thru the finale.

Back to 2008 and Locke. What's up with HIM these days? He's become very masterful and single minded. SEEMS to know exactly what's going on on the island (it speaks to him) - but does he really, or is he trying to bluff Richard and Ben to see what they do next? Does Jacob really exist? Will Locke kill him, as he's said he's going to do? And if he does that, what next? Does THAT get all the players back on the same page in 2008? How? Why? Oh the questions this show raises! And I love it!

And speaking of TV shows, d'ya think they're gonna bring "Chuck" back? I sure hope so! It's one of my favorites. I get so danged mad at those execs - they keep putting reality garbage on - more time wasted on those shows every season (with more being added for the Fall), but keep cancelling the GOOD shows! Life, Life on Mars, Veronica Mars (I'm STILL mad about that one!), American Dreams... I could go on, but won't.

One of the new ones that I like is The Unusuals, so don't get attached to it - they'll cancel it! Seems to be the way...

It's beautiful outside today, and I need to get in gear and get some things done. Still haven't figured out how to post photos, but I have a number to upload once I get that figured out.

Stay tuned...

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  1. HEY Sam, I guess I didn't know just how big of a fan you were of LOST.... CA still watches, I quit
    watching some time ago..

    We both liked Life on Mars as well.. The Unusuals
    is good too.

    How are you liking the BLOG, you're pretty chatty on it.... I'm kinda addicted to trying to find STUFF to put on my blog.. and figuring out
    how to change things up.....can you tell what I've changed ??