Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beauty Parlor - AGAIN?!?

Yep, it was Beauty Parlor night again. It took me a little over an hour to TRY to de-flea everyone. Yep, we have fleas... So, tomorrow, I get to vacuum again.

If you only knew how I HATE to vacuum...

But the little boogers are jumping on ME now, and they don't generally bother me... So, comb, vacuum, and flea spray - now all I have to do is hope the vet's office is open tomorrow so I can get some more...

I don't like using pesticides - they're bad for Mother Earth. But, every once in a while, the situation warrants it. I think it's been 2 years since I used this flea spray, so I feel OK about it - sorta...


I've been able to play the past two nights! I got a couple of new packages of Designer Series Papers (DSP) and HAD to try them out. So, I used Tea Party and Pink Flamingo DSPs to make a couple of WOW boxes I'd seen posted on Dianne Shiozaki's blog.

They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

And, after the proto-type, which is never perfect, I made the second one, ironing out my original mistakes. Remember, I told you I just can NOT read directions very well! I can replicate much more easily using an actual sample.

Here's my prototype, made with Tea Party DSP.

It's very pretty isn't it? I really liked the papers I used for this one. It's very feminine and soft. And there's that water colored rose again. I'm go glad I made so many of these when I was putzing around with that technique last week. They seem to fit with all the DSP I have.

But, Real Red is my favorite color, followed very closely by Summer Sun. I saw the red hibiscus paper in the Pink Flamingo DSP, and KNEW I would have to use that to made my seond WOW Box.

Here's the WOW Box made with Pink Flamingo DSP

Isn't it gorgeous?

Now I know you're asking why it's called a BOX? Let me show you.

See, it's got a box about 1-1/2 inch deep - to store 4 x 4 cards!

And here they are:

The box will hold at least 2 more cards. Unfortunately, we don't carry any 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 envelopes, so these would need to be used as gift cards you could hang on the gift. Or, you could make your own envelopes.


My epiphylliums are started blooming in earnest and are almost done, so I have to enjoy them while I can!

Here they are!

I had forgotten I had a yellow one, so that one caught me by surprise. Unfortunately, there were only two buds on that one, and they've both bloomed.

The flourescent pink one had about 8 buds, and the red one only three.

I'm hoping to make it out to the Wild Animal Park next week to check out their epiphilluim house - and hopefully, the place will be ablaze with color and gorgeous huge blooms!

Have fun, whatever you end up doing for the weekend. I'M hoping to get some more sorting/cleaning done out in the Stamp Room!



  1. I enjoyed visiting your blog today Sam. I love the cards and ideas as well as the cute cats and all the pretty flowers! Looking forward to seeing you at stampin Up's convention! Sherrill Graff

  2. Hi thank you for the comment you left on my new blog, I love your blog too!
    I love animals a TON! We have a bunch..and I love gardening and flowers!