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Monday, May 11, 2009

Those Rascally Cats

Well, I promised photos of these critters, so here we go.

This is Velvet, my black Persian. She's absolutely gorgeous, and is a love most of the time. BUT, she can be a Princess, too.

She'll be 13 in August, and I've had her since she was about 2 months old. Her mother, a registered Persian, belonged to Katrina, a gal who was in my study group at Univ. of Phoenix. No one ever knew who Daddy was, so Velvet isn't purebred. But that's OK. I had her spaded, which does away with the need for the heritage trail anyway.

I was able to see her and her litter mates when they were two days old, and have photos of the whole crew, but have no idea which one she is in the photos any more.

These are "the Kidz" Smedley and Smudge, when they were about 2 months old. Weren't they adorable?

Of course, that was 1-1/2 years ago, so here's what they look like these days.

They're on the top of the latest scratching post I've bought. That house is at my eye level, so it's quite tall. They use it for a while, then ignore it for a while. Haven't figured out what triggers either situation!

This is Smedley. I generally call him "Melie".

Remember the old Name Game song ? Smedley, Smedley, Bo-Bedley, banana fana fo fana... Well, somewhere in all the versions of that song that I sang to him, the name Smelly Belly came to be, and I've shortened it to Melie...

He's got silver toes, so I call him that sometimes, too.

He's my "high" cat. Loves to be on top of the patio cover, climbed to the top of the sun shades in the yard last summer, sleeps in the rafters in the garage quite often... Here he is on the sun shade... Such a silly boy!

This is Smudge. I call her "Mudgie" most of the time (I know - a real stretch, huh? hahaha)

She's black with a white undercoat. You can blow on her coat and part the black fur and see the white underneath. Very freaky! She's very Siamese looking, and she talks like one too.

Sometimes she "murls" when she'd talking to me, so I call her Merle da Pearl when she does that. And then she turns right around and meows very loudly, like she's yelling at you!

She's beautiful, but in a totally different way than Velvet. She's my huntress and guard cat. She's brought me untold twigs and dead roots and pieces of mulch, from parts unknown. She's also brought me baby birds. Someone brought in a lizard once - bet it was her.

She likes to sit out in the front yard, checking out the world. She also likes to walk the fences of the neighborhood.

So, there you have my furry kids. I take a LOT of photos of these guys, so you'll be seeing them again in the future. You'll notice, too, when I get around to showing some of my scrapbooks, that they are featured quite often!


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