Friday, May 22, 2009

MY Quilt

Remember last week when I went to the quilt show and bought an "easy" cherry quilting project for my kitchen?

Last night, I decided I needed a break from stamping - sometimes doing something creative besides stamping is good for the soul. So I decided to make the "Quilt Magic No Sew Wall Hanging".

It was fun! Took me about 2-1/2 hours to complete, and was something I'd never tried before. Let me show you how it went...

Here are all the pieces cut out. The patterns and fabric were provided in the kit. I attached the fabric to the pattern with Dotto, then cut the pieces out.

Here it is in several different stages...

And here's the finished product!

All I had to do was stuff the pattern pieces into each of the already laser cut shapes with the dull edge of my craft knife.

It was so much fun, I went to their website looking for something else I might need! I found out that you can purchase just the frame, or you can purchase just the fabrics/patterns, OR you can purchase the kit.

It might be fun to purchase another cherry frame and use some of my own fabrics, to get a little different look. I kept the pattern pieces, just in case!


Today I spent a little more time cleaning, out in the garage. This is going to take FOR-EVER! And, so far, I haven't thrown much away! ARRGGGHHH!

But I am trying to find some things to donate to a friend's friend's garage sale for the weekend. Two teens who are trying to earn enough money to go on a mission.

I have a few things, but not as much as I'd hoped!

Just a reminder - if you can come help either Saturday or Sunday from 11-2 or 5-8, we'll be in my Stampin' Garage, putting together greeting cards to send to our troops . Any and all help greatly appreciated!


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