Monday, June 1, 2009

Sloggy Sunday

It was cloudy and overcast again today, but I needed clean sox so I did laundry.

I hang my clothes outside to dry, and knew they wouldn't dry in this weather, but thought if I at least got them started... Anyway, brought everything in at 6 PM - shirts on hangers, sox on hangers -- now everything's hanging from the shower curtain rods, drying...

This is probably the worst time of the year to try to dry clothes outside. At least in the winter, there's generally wind, which helps. With the June Gloom, we don't even get a breeze...

Despite the gloom, I spent a pleasant Sunday - worked on the computer a little, read a little, and watered out back.

Our water rationing starts tomorrow (June 1st) and I'll only be allowed to water on Sat/Mon/Wed. Other side of the street gets Sun/Tues/Thurs.

For 10 minutes each day.

I certainly hope they mean watering your YARD for 10 minutes, cause I sure can't water all my potted plants front and back (everything I have, pretty much!) in 10 minutes. I don't water my lawn - and it's a lovely shade of California gold right now...

So maybe they'll cut me some slack?

I just got the Sneak Peek list from the Stampin' Up! website.

LOVE the new "In" colors!

Listen to their names:

Rich Razzleberry (purple),
Soft Suede (tan),
Bermuda Bay (bluish green - or is it greenish blue?),
Crushed Curry (gold/yellow),
Melon Mambo (bright pink), and
Dusty Durango (reddish/orangish/brownish).

AND, there are markers to match them this year! WOO HOO!


I played out in the garage tonight, while I waited for Melie to come down off the patio roof... He finally decided it was OK to come down around 11 PM. I was NOT a Happy Mom... I want my Kidz in the house, safe and sound, by 9:30 at the latest in the summertime...

Anyway, I played with an idea called a Side Step Card tonight. I found the instructions and some samples on Yvonne Metz's blog the other day, and played with it last night. It was not working for me, so I went back and looked at her samples again, and tweaked the pattern a little, and came up with these two samples, using the Pink Flamingo DSP.

Aren't they cute and cheery?

I particularly like the one I made with the yellow daisies on it. I dyed white ribbon with the Summer Sun pad and an aqua painter, since we don't currently carry any ribbon in that color.

These are made (AGAIN!) using the watercolor technique Patty Bennett featured about a month ago.

I made a number of all the flowers in the Fifth Avenue Floral set with this technique, and I keep going back and getting yet another of them to use on a project. So, I'd recommend that! Saves a lot of time later on.

You can make quite a few in an evening's time, color them, let them dry, then cut them out and save them for future ideas!
Here are your cat fotos for the evening...
Here are the Kidz, fighting.

Velvet sitting under a chair on the patio.

And here's the foto I got of Smudge, around 7:30 this evening, sitting at the back of the yard.

And this is after I enhanced it! Before, it was all black with two yellow spots.... Of course it taken with the zoom lens, which explains the graininess.

Have a great week!


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