Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been trying to clean out my stampin' garage - and, honestly, it ain't goin' so well... There's so much stuff out there, it's overwhelming, and I stand there and just don't know where to start.

The Universe stepped in to help me today. Had to unload some stuff out of the back of the car and into the garage, which causes me to move the shelving unit I DO have put together (and loaded down!).

As I was moving it to open the garage door, I knocked over one of the piles out there. It happened to be the cards I'd been stashing to use at Ronald McDonald House, or for the troops.

The bottom box had collapsed, which caused the whole pile to tumble down when I nudged it.

And what a mess!

Stuff everywhere.

Spent an hour tonight, picking that stuff up, and trying to re-categorize. As I was going thru stuff, I found the most AWESOME cards I received from an SU demo up in Santa Barbara about a year ago. (Sorry, friend - they got stashed and forgotten....)

There were some of the most unique and beautiful cards I've seen in a long time. Simple, clean lines, elegant - these are pieces of artwork!

No signatures on anything, so I can't properly thank whoever it was that shared these cards, but know that they are beautiful! And, it would appear as though
there are a couple of different styles, so I'm going to assume more than one card-maker.

Whaddya think? Aren't they gorgeous?

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