Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Backkkkk

Sorry - things got busy, I kept falling asleep on the couch instead of blogging... To recap -- life happened.

Have been busy getting ready for the Last Chance Open House I held yesterday - making Make & Takes for my guests to do, trying to FIND stuff in the garage...

Open House was fun. Not a lot of guests, but those that did come seemed to have a good time. I was exhausted after everything was dragged back into the house, and took a nap!

Decided today would be a good day to show some photos of The Kidz when they first arrived here to live with me...

You may remember this one from one of the first times I blogged. It's one of my favorites of the little devils. This was the first week they lived here. I kept them in the bathroom for the first week - just to give them and Velvet a chance to get to know each other's smells and sounds.

Velvet was curious enough to stuff a paw under the door, and the Kidz returned the favor.

Here they are playing on the shelving unit in the hallway. It was like turning a tornado loose! I was SURE I wasn't going to be able to handle having "twins"...

A "quiet" moment during "first freedom"...

Sitting on my chair in the kitchen. They were SO CUTE. But, they don't both fit anymore!

And both in the "roundabout" scratching post. They both don't fit THERE any more, either!

One of my favorite photos - don't they look like they posed for a calendar?

And finally, the three of us. They're older here - maybe 5 months. Photo courtesy of Del...

Hope you enjoyed my Kidz retrospective!

Have a great week!


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