Monday, June 8, 2009

Stampin' with Friends!

Today was our monthly local demonstrator get-together. These gals are not necessarily in my downline - just fellow SU demonstrators.

We had a blast, looking thru the NEW catalog, making samplers with new 'In' colors, and trading stampin' ideas! I was the first to get the new catalog, so I was very popular today! ha ha

That's (from the back) Teresa, Veronica, Gail, and Patti in the first photo, and Susan (standing) and Del in the second.

Notice I took care not to give you any sneak peeks?

Well, the following MAY give you a sneak peek or two - instructions for today's swap cards were to make sure no old 'In' colors were used, nor anything from the Last Chance list, BUT, if they'd gotten any of the items from the Sneak Peek, it was acceptable to use those.

This would give us samples for moving forward into the new catalog. Since they didn't HAVE the new catalog, those were the best instructions I could provide...

Here are today's swaps!

Teresa - Veronica - Patti

Del - Susan

Gail - me

Aren't they all beautiful!

Some of these demonstrators have been meeting and stamping with me for over 10 years! I've met them at convention, or through another local demonstrator. Having a monthly get-together helps us all - we keep each other pumped, give each other new ideas, talk thru situations with each other.

This is a great place to stretch our wings and try something we've never done before. If your idea didn't work like you thought it should, bring it here, and I'm sure someone will know how to fix it!

We love trading techniques and 3-D projects. We love trading ideas for the Big Shot!

I think we all agreed today that the Big Shot is our favorite new toy! Do you have one? You NEED ONE!!!!

Those rascally cats have been giving Mom headaches this weekend. Smedley (Melie) decided he was a Big Guy last night and wouldn't come in. I tried til 2:00 AM, finally gave up and went to bed.

He was knocking on the front door this morning about 7:45! The screen knocks against the door, and at 7:45 AM it woke me RIGHT UP!

He's been in the dog (cat?) house all day, but since there were people here, he kept his distance so I wouldn't yell at him too much...

He started to pull that tonight again, and I just made up my mind, if he's going to play that game (once I get him in the house of course!), he'll be on restriction for about a week. NO OUTSIDE WHAT-SO-EVER!

It'll be a pain for the Girls and I, but dang it, I don't WANT him outside all night...

Well, he finally decided the treats I was giving the Girls sounded too good, so he came in. You can bet I shut the screen door ASAP!

Having told you about his misdemeanors, let me show you a few photos taken this weekend...

Checking out the inside of the patio umbrella...

Sittin' in the yard

Checking out SOMETHING on the patio chair, with Mudge looking on...

He's sure the one that provides the giggles and teeth-gnashing, but he's so photogenic, you might as well get used to seeing him...

Smudge isn't as photogenic, but she's got beautiful lines, so I keep taking photos of her.

No Velvet photos this time around - she must have been hiding from the camera.

I have several Stamp-A-Stacks coming up in the next few weeks. We'll be making 12 cards, using items from the Last Chance List. Come join us! Check out the calendar on my Stampin' Up! website and let me know which one YOU'D like to attend!

I hope to have one or two samples to put up here tomorrow night. In the meantime, have a great day...


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  1. Whoo Hoo! I'm the FIRST to comment on this post, AND I'm on your blog! It's SO cool to see the cards you've created. Great job as always! Poor Melie, being confined to quarters...but as a friend of mine has said, "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime." Hopefully Melie will learn.