Saturday, June 13, 2009


Not that that means much to me - well, OK, it means it's a day to go to Curves, but unlike when I worked full-time, it really doesn't mean much...


Driving on Friday is really taking your life in your hands. WHY does everyone drive like a maniac on Friday? Seriously.

Check out Miss Nosy
She's peering thru the fence, checking out the neighbors. Even *I* don't do that! But, I guess cats don't see anything wrong with that.

And here's Melie - peering down from on-high in the garage.
I know it's not a great photo, but you should have seen it before I cleaned it up!

OBTW - he's off restriction - already! I opened the door this AM and he couldn't WAIT to get outside... He's a pretty lucky kid, doncha think? I mean, only one day of restriction...

BUT, he didn't get up from his "afternoon nap" til after 7 PM tonight, and when I went out to the backyard a little before that, I pulled the screen door closed so he couldn't get out and STAY OUT. He wasn't real happy about that, but, hey, we live by the Golden Rule around here - he who makes the gold, makes the rules.

At least I didn't have to fight with him to get him to come in tonight.
Here are some photos of a couple of card holders I made a while back. A similar one will be the Hostess gift for the workshop I'll be doing tomorrow.
I used the Fifth Avenue Floral set. For this one, I applied Crystal Effects to the centers of the daisies. Did these before I'd seen Floating Watercolor technique, so these were done with Aqua Painters and re-inker fluids. I do love to watercolor!

And here are the cards that are inside:
The cards were made with the Wagon Full of Fun set that's in the Occasions mini-catalog - which will expire the end of June. So, if you like what you see, call me TODAY to order the set.

I also used Pacific Point CS and DSP on this item - and they'll be gone after the end of June as well...

Enjoy your weekend!


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