Friday, June 12, 2009

That Smedley!

So last night, Smedley decided, once again, that he's a Big Cat and that he doesn't HAVE to come in, if he doesn't want to... FINALLY got him to come in about 12:30 AM, after MANY trips out back to try to convince him he wasn't as big a boy as he thinks...

So today he's been on restriction. NO OUTSIDE what so ever.

And Smudge was just really upset about that! I did laundry and as I was out back hanging clothes she was talking non-stop! Chatty Cathy to the max. She just talked and talked - no "murling" today - no siree bob! The silent Mudge of the other day was no where to be found! She was QUITE vocal...

She also spent a good deal of the day inside. Not sleeping with Melie, but, I guess, showing her support and pain for his punishment. Velvet stayed most of the day, as well...

Maybe they're more of a team than I'd thought! That's a good thing...


I thought I'd show you a couple of samples of the "Happy Heart Day" set that's retiring the end of June. I know I used to have a lot more samples from this set, but I guess they're on their way to Iraq or Afghanistan. And that's OK!

But all I have to show you today are the following:

I thought I had one of the elephant in the back of the "Loads of Love" truck, too, but apparently it's gone... But it was a really cute idea!

And here's something else I've been putzing around with lately. Saw these little boxes on someone's blog and thought they were really cute! What do you think?


And, finally, here are your cat fotos for the day:
Sometimes Smudge can't get close enough - there's really no where to sit on top of the computer console because of all my "stuff", so she climbs into the bookshelf and makes herself comfortable!

And Melie's decided it's fun to play with the hose when I'm out back watering! He wrestles with it, pounces on it - just has a great time playing.

Hey - as Jere (of Jeff N Jere, a local morning DJ show) would say, you can see the weekend from here!


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  1. oohhhhhhhh the elephant card is SO CUTE !!!
    Geesshhhh wonder WHERE you got that one.....

    I DO like your boxes.. I might steal that idea for club...I have clubs next week, & NO projects yet.