Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tacit Tuesday - maybe I'll make it a weekly event

We had drizzle again last night. When I went out in the backyard to check the weather/temperature this morning, earlier than I generally do, here's what I found... Cobwebs that had captured the dew/drizzle/rain...

The cats liked being out in it too...

Here's Mudge bowing down to Velvet - - Oh Mighty One!

Later today, my friend Barb called and invited me to join her, DD, and DD's boyfriend for dinner.

Barb just got a new piebald dachshund puppy, whose name is Truffles. Her older dog's name is Monet.

I TRIED to get some photos of Truffles, but puppies, like kittens, just move WAYYY too fast!

Did manage to get a couple of cute ones, though...

Look at that little tail going!

And here's a family portrait!

This one just cracks me up! Kisses from one dog, and the other one trying to get away. And James just keeps on smiling...

You keep on smiling, too!


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