Thursday, June 4, 2009

News from another Old Friend!

There must be something in the air these days. I've heard from at least three old friends in the past 2 weeks! I LOVE IT !

Tonight, I was able to get an email address for a friend in Alaska. Last week, the friend from Florida contacted me. And the friend from PA just sent me a couple more photos of her son's high school graduation. Now he's off to college with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. Good for him!

I haven't heard from two of the three of them in many, many years! OH - I take that back - the friend from Alaska is really good about sending Chrismas cards, for which I'm grateful.

Thanks, guys, for reaching out to me... And, please, keep in touch!

I got my NEW TOYS from Stampin' Up! today! WOO HOO!! New "In" colors in stamp pads, re-inkers, MARKERS (!), cardstock, both regular and TEXTURED! Also new stamp sets!

So, tonight, since UPS doesn't deliver to my house til about 7:30 PM, I opened the box, opened the pads and papers and LOOKED AT MY NEW CATALOG!

It's really a nice catalog. The print is DARKER (woo hoo! for all of us over 40 who had so much trouble with the gray print used in the past!), the paper is somehow different - I haven't been able to pinpoint just how yet, but it IS different.

The new "In" colors are luscious! I especially like the Dusty Durango - reddish-orangish, and the Crushed Curry -- a So Saffron like color, but different...

Last year it seemed to take me about a month or so to begin to like the "In" colors of the year, but this year I'm liking them right off the bat!

Spent last night going thru all my cardfront samples. Pulled a number of them out for the sets that are listed on the Last Chance List, and I'll be featuring those sets for the duration of June.

Yes, I'm going to torture you by NOT showing anything from the new catalog here on my blog --- well, OK, I'm going to torture you as long as I can stand it myself - who knows - maybe by next week the torture will be too hard on ME and I'll break down.

But for right now, I'm sticking to samples from the Last Chance List.

This one is made with "Boatloads of Love". Cute set, and it plays really well with truck set, "Loads of Love", so if you have the truck, you might want to consider adding the boat to your collection.

I know it's a little late for this year, but this graduation set, "Great Grads", has a number of pieces that you could use for things other than graduation. I especially like the stamp that says "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves".

I took a BUNCH of photos of the cardfronts last night and didn't have the camera set on macro - and they didn't come out well at all! Lesson learned - remember to turn the camera to the macro setting before spending all that time taking photos! So, I'll be retaking those photos and will feature them some time in the future.

Can't finish with out a photo of the Kidz, fighting on MY chair out in the garage:

Happy stampin'


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