Monday, April 4, 2011

Mellow Melie

The other day I was sitting out on the patio about sunset, reading. There's really nothing new about that.

I try to do it every day.

It's a reason to get outside at least once during the day.

The Kidz love that I'm out there with them for a little while.

I watch them chase bugs and skeeters around in the tall weeds that have taken over my backyard this year.

Loved all that rain when we were getting it, but the weeds are Texas sized this year! LOL

Anyway, I was sitting out on the patio.

I watched Smudge running all over the yard, as she usually does.

I cannot get a good photo of that girl - she just won't sit still!

Melie, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

Let me show you some photos I took of him over about a 15 minute period that night...

Love his expressive face! I always get a laugh when I look back at photos I've taken of him.

And then Smudge came around and I wasted a lot of good digital space on the camera and before I got this (halfway decent) photo of her...

And then I turned back to where Melie had been lounging, and here's what I saw...

At least he had gotten up, for whatever had come along...

Oh - Velvet came outside!

She meandered around on the patio for a while, getting a drink, and checking to see where The Kidz were.

She & Smudge aren't what you'd call BFFs, so she was reconnoitering! Hee hee... You just never know when you might be waylayed somewhere.

She finally ended up out beside the settee, where Melie was lounging...

So he decided it might be time to move...

And here's where he ended up...

Quite an action packed cat, wouldn't you say???!!!

Yep, that's my Mellow Melie - SOMETIMES!

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!

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