Saturday, April 30, 2011

FLower Garden Embossing

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's made using the new embossing folder from the Summer mini - WHICH - by the way, will be LIVE tomorrow, May 1st!

Lots of good stuff in there. I've been sharing some of the papers, but not many of the stamps and other goodies. But I will - keep coming back!

Back to the card above (here's an instant replay)

The flower image was made using the Flower Garden embossing folder (Item 123113 $7.95).

We colored on the folder's inside image and then ran it thru Mr. Big.

Neato technique! NO???

Stampin' Up! has announced that IMAGE IN THE MINI-CATALOG IS REVERSED from the actual image.

If you could look closely at this image, you'd notice that the DE-bossed side is up, instead to the EM-bossed side, in order for the flowers to be facing the right, as shown in the catalog.

We also ran the front of the card through the Polka dot folder before adhering the embossed, layered image on top of it. The we added a piece of Poppy Parade ribbon to do finish it off.

This project was shared by Rosalie at my last team meeting.


We often do Shoe box swaps at my Team Meetings, for a number of reasons.

1) Everyone has a chance to figure out how to put it together when they make it themselves.

When we just swap cards, it sometimes takes a bit to figure out how it was put together - sometimes, we have to tear it apart to figure out how to put it together! hee hee

2) Gives us all a chance to chatter!

What goes better with stamping, than chatter (well, OK, maybe chocolate!)... And we get to catch up with each other's lives, which makes us a closer social group.

3) It's easier on the Hostess (that'd be me!) LOL

I always try to have new technique, card lay-out, or some little project for everyone to do. Most times these days, the techniques are old ones brought back around, but that's OK.

Some of the demonstrators are new and may not know them. Some of us have forgotten about them til reminded.

Gives everyone something new or recycled to play with for a while!

But every once in a while, I want a break -- so we do Shoebox swaps.

I think everyone tries to incorporate at least one new product into each of their cards, so it'a win/win - we get to play with the toys without having to invest the money! hee hee

And I'm always surprised (and very pleased) at the variety of ideas that comes out of this group!

Here's Susan's card

She used the Dotted Scallop ribbon punch (Item 119275 $15.95) and the Beyond the Garden DSP (Item 122342 $10.95), along with the jar of flowers from On the Grow.

(Clever idea to place it off to the left. Most times, people place it off to the right...)

And then she used the new Triple Layer Blossom Bouquet punch (Item 122464 $16.95) to make the flowers, using the same DSP.

She used an Aqua painter and markers (colored on one of our clear blocks - cleans up real slick!) to color images.

Hope you saw something that inspired you here today. Thanks for stopping by - come back again soon!

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