Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leadership Cards - 2011

I got the photos taken of some of my swaps from Leadership, so for the next few days they'll be the focal point.

There were some beauties, as I would expect.

I just LOVE the color combination of this one. VERY vintage looking. Lots of detail (ribbon, embossed CS, cut out valentine) which creates visual interest to me.

Love that the greeting on this one is in French. I never buy those sets that aren't in English (cuz I don't speak that language!), but it's nice to see them. Thanks to one of my fellow demonstrators from Canada, I'm sure!

And this one just knocks my sox off! Everything works so well together and gives off such a Vintage look. I love the look but have yet to achieve it to this degree!

Now I can copy, and maybe I'll figure out what the key is to obtaining the look.

Hope you saw something you enjoyed! Come back!

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