Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Kidz

I can tell "the kittens" (which they'll ALWAYS be called, no matter how old they are) are cats now.

They're much less active, much less fun to photograph. Or if they are tearing around, they're much too fast for MY camera!

When they were younger, I did take movies of them on my camera, but I never figured out how to upload them. One of these days, I'll need to learn it, and I'll try to remember post them.

In the meantime, though, here are The Kidz from recent photos...

Here's Smedley, checking out a recent sunset. We've been having some gorgeous ones lately.

Smedley stills spends his days sleeping in the rafters out in the garage. He deigns to come down about an hour before sunset each day, to enjoy a romp with Smudge.

And then, of course, doesn't want to come in when it gets dark...

And here's Smudge - it's about the only angle I can get a shot that's not blurry.

Girl moves fast!

She's got a gorgeous thick coat this year and looks more regal as she ages. Sometimes called "the princess"...

And here's Velvet, sitting on one of her favorite patio chairs.

She's not as active as she'd like to be. She wants The Kidz to chase her, but they haven't caught on to the game yet. Maybe they're a lot slower than I thought!!

They had some traumas this year when we had that solid week of rain, and the backyard turned into a pond. They'd go to the end of the patio and have no where to go that they wouldn't get their paws wet!

So, they stayed in the house, and by the end of the week Smudge was antsy to get outside. She's just not much of a house cat during the day - might miss something outside, you know!

Hope you have a happy day! And keep on stampin'!

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