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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring IS coming!

Hi Everyone

It's been a beautiful day here in SOCAL. Warm. Sunny. In the 70's...

My oriental poppy out front has burst into bloom.

The mockingbirds have begun to sing. Pretty soon they'll be keeping me awake at night again.

Spring is here - at least in SOCAL. I wish I could bottle it up and send it to those of you who have been experiencing the worst winter for snow in a VERY long time!

I can't believe some of the snowfall totals you've had back East this year! I used to live there, and the worst snowfall I can remember was about 20" one Thanksgiving the first year we lived on our farm. Snowed us in for a week...

But I can't bottle up the SOCAL spring and send it to you, so I hope you'll enjoy the spring vicariously thru photos and stuff here on my blog.

I submit these for your consideration...

Jasmine, Watsonia and allysum in the wildflower garden, and cymbidium orchids.

It's great to have Spring! And the sun doesn't set until after 5:30 here these days, so life is good!

Thanks for stopping by.

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