Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I've talked about fabric flowers before...

When I went to see my upline at the quilting show last May...

When I returned from Leadership in January, where Jill had also had a demonstration for the demonstrators in attendance.

I guess I never blogged about it (some things HAVE to be just for us demos for a little while, you know! It's one of the perks!), but I kept thinking about it, and wanting to try it.

Oh, and Jill had given me one that I showed in my hair

So, this week, I started playing around with fabric flowers on my own.

And here are some of the results!

This is my favorite so far. It's made with the large Flower Folds Big Shot die.

I ironed some batting between each of the fabric layers. When I went to the CHA show earlier this year, they had a "small" bag of this batting, so I picked it up.

It's got adhesive on both sides, and you just iron your fabrics to it before putting items thru Mr. Big as a unit. And it's enough batting to last me for a VERY long time! It looked as though it was large enough to do a baby quilt all in one piece.

I did have to re-iron after that process, though, so I decided I would hand stitch around the outsides of each of these flowers to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

If I'd ever dig my sewing machine out (and have some place to put it!), this would have taken 5 minutes instead of about an hour.

Here's a photo of the pieces, before I put everything together:

I'm always on the look out for anything with cherries on it, ever since I decided to paint my kitchen about 5 years ago and put a decorative border of stamped cherries along the top.

At that time, I had a DEVIL of a time finding anything with cherries on it. Apples? everywhere! Cherries? few and far between.

S0 when I went to that big fabric store I'm sure you're all aware of (wink, wink) to get quarter yards of fabrics to make my flowers, I was happy as (a cherry) pie to find the black gingham with cherries all over it.

I'm seriously thinking about going back and buying about 5 yards! Don't know what I'd do with it - maybe make curtains, but I love it! But then again, I'd have to dig that sewing machine out...

Did you notice the new moving icon along the top of my blog (left hand corner)? It's to remind all of you that Stampin' Up! is donating $2.00 for each I {Heart} Hearts set that is sold by February 28th. When can I order that set for YOU?

My thanks to Michele Laycock for supplying the necessary items (and making it free!) in order for me to have that icon. She's an invaluable source of aid in my maintaining this blog.

Next time I blog, I'll show you some flowers I made using other Big Shot dies. It didn't seem to matter which ones I chose (and I chose quite a few!), they all turned out very nicely.

Melie says "Thanks for stopping by"

And so do I!

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